INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman is working to provide resources to single parents through a non-profit she started called Single Parent Connection. 

The organization offers workshops, gives assistance, and even has scholarships. They are all resources that founder Dionne Brown says she could have used when she found herself raising her son alone.  

“It’s a lonely feeling, so just to be that source of support and to be able to surround those families that are going through those struggles, that’s definitely my passion,” said Brown.  

We first told you about Single Parent Connection last year when they started their Boys-To-Men summer mentorship program. They teach sons of single mothers important life skills.  

They have since grown to offer things like money management workshops to help single parents learn to budget, toiletry assistance for struggling families, and continuing education scholarships for parents to attend college, university, or trade schools.  

“Well for me as a single mom, it’s really my passion for helping other single parents because I know and understand the struggles a lot of single parents face. So, I definitely want to be that source of support and that hand up for other single parents to be able to thrive and provide for their children,” said Brown. 

Brown says she hopes to continue growing and providing more resources. 

“Well, there is definitely a need for services for single-parent families, so we definitely want to be able to reach as many families as possible and be able to provide that type of assistance. So, our mission is to improve self-efficiency and strengthen single-parent families through education and support, so there is definitely a need for all that and as we continue to grow in that direction as well.” 

The non-profit will also host a community resource fair Saturday, July 23, to put single parents in touch with free or low-cost resources they may need.  

“It means the world to me to see the smiles on the parent’s faces and the children’s faces. Anytime we are able to provide just basic necessities such as toiletry items because some families do struggle to get those basic needs, so to be able to be in a position where we can provide even the basic necessities and make families smile and feel supported and they are not alone. That’s truly the goal of Single Parent Connection.” 

They also plan to host a toiletry event Saturday, June 25. They ask that you register for that.  

They are also currently enrolling for their Boys-To-Men mentorship summer program until all the spots fill up. It gets started on June 4th.  

Click here for more information about any of their upcoming events or details on the organization.