How to send someone fighting cancer a free care package

Hoosiers Finding Hope

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — This week we are heading to Noblesville where care packages for cancer patients are put together then shipped all across the world.

Bethany Hart knows what the fight is like. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 30, while expecting her first child.

“Our goal is to just provide a little light in the really hard days that are cancer,” Hart explained.

After beating cancer, Hart created the Hallie Strong Foundation in honor of the baby she lost during her fight.

Now Hart spends her time creating care packages with all sorts of socks.

“When I started treatment, I wore mismatching socks to the hospital and my mom and nurse at the time thought, ‘how could you have done such a thing?’” she explained.

It didn’t take long for the socks to start coming in from loved ones, family, or friends. They began to send her all sort of socks help her through treatment or to let her know they were thinking about her.

“I would wear these socks…and I would think about the people who had sent them to me. Then this idea was born. I want to send fun socks so that they know people are always with them,” she explained.

Now Hart spends her spare time creating free care packages with socks that can be shipped worldwide.

The foundation relies entirely on donations.

We also want to thank John’s Crazy Socks, who will be paying it forward to Hart by sending her a care package of socks.

To find out more about the Hallie Strong Foundation, click here.

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