Hoosiers send smiles for miles

Hoosiers Finding Hope

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — We have some positive news to share this Monday about a Facebook group started by a Hoosier just a few weeks ago.

It’s called “Indiana and Beyond: Secret Envelopes Travel Everywhere.”

Martinsville resident Kimberly Nimmo started the secret envelope group last month so women across the country can connect.

First, members post about themselves or their family. Then, a stranger sends them an envelope with a small gift.

Nimmo says she hopes to have envelopes sent out at all 50 states by the end of summer.

“Send smiles for miles. That’s my goal. All 50 states, and I’d love to have every woman smile. That’s what we deserve for girl power. We need to stand together, especially during this time,” she said.

The group has over 2,100 members, and it is only for women.

If you’re interested in joining, click here.

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