Hoosier helps those in need by opening community garden

Hoosiers Finding Hope

BEECH GROVE, Ind. — This week on Pay it Forward, we are heading to Beech Grove where one Hoosier has been extremely busy this summer.

Today, Anthony Deak has a lot to show for it. His garden is overflowing with fruits and vegetables.

But this garden is not just for Deak and his family. It’is open to anyone who wants to stop by to get fresh produce and vegetables.

Deak stared this community garden back in back in April when he was furloughed.

Soon after, his stimulus check came in, and he was looking for a way to help others who were impacted by COVID-19.

That’s when he dug up the grass in his front yard, planted some seeds, and waited.

“The hope is just to get the community involved picking some greens. Maybe here are people in the community who don’t have higher incomes and maybe they can’t afford certain things,” he said.

Deak also has a compost bin next to his garden where neighbors and community members can drop off food scraps and leftovers.

If you want to come on by, you find it in the 2,000 block on Main Street in Beech Grove.

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