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INDIANAPOLIS — One high school senior is using her literary and art skills to create a magazine to help local children’s hospitals. 

The magazine is called “Kahani” which means storytelling in Hindi. 

It has colorful art, stories, and poems inside, and is meant to inspire creativity in kids while they are in the hospital. 

“So, they can experience outside of the hospital that gives them the opportunity to engage with this art because that’s what it’s all about. Getting children to play their own role and honestly interpret it anywhere they are,” said Sridevi Krothapalli, the founder and editor of Kahani.

Riley Hospital for Children is just one of the hospitals that feature the magazine. 

A representative from the hospital says it helps with the treatment of their patients. They also say it’s so much more than just inspiring the kids. 

“It’s just a beautiful example. As I mentioned before of children being supported by people who don’t even know them. For those children, whether they know that or not, they are being impacted of the graciousness of this group to share their literary magazine with the children at Riley,” said Riley Cheer Guild for Riley Children’s Health Director Ann Hannan. 

The magazine hopes to continue to work with other children’s hospitals across the country with this same partnership.