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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — A Hamilton County teen is celebrating his birthday month by raising money for a good cause

Fourteen-year-old Robbie Blackwell helps give back to the Pets Healing Vets program. 

The program pairs veterans with PTSD and other illnesses with emotional support dogs that may otherwise be euthanized. 

Last year for his 13th birthday, Robbie raised more than $30,000. This year the goal is $40,000. 

When we asked Robbie why he decided to do it again for his birthday this year, he says it’s personal. 

“You have one day a year where everyone is focusing on you and that is an amazing opportunity and an amazing tool to use that attention which is on you to put attention on something else,” Blackwell said. 

The director of development for the Hamilton County Humane Society says Blackwell’s fundraisers have had a big impact. 

“He’s helped save so many lives on both ends on the leash, offer a form of therapeutic healing for Hoosier veterans,” said Jennifer Hatcher. 

“His impact stretches so much further than Hamilton County or central Indiana, but really impacts the state and our nation’s heroes that are looking for other forms of healing for their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety, depression.” 

Recently Robbie received a $5,000 contribution towards his fundraising campaign putting him at just under $23,000. 

Pets Healing Vets is fully funded by the Humane Society but you can help donate towards the cause with this link.