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GREENFIELD, Ind. — A local Greenfield sewing group is honoring law enforcement by donating handmade quilts.  

There is a lot of work that goes into making a quilt, but this group says they don’t mind because they wanted to do something special to let their local law enforcement know they were appreciated.  

“I think that it’s good to recognize that they do a lot of good,” said Pass Time Fabrics owner Jackie Roanhaus. 

“At this time in our history, I don’t feel like we talk about [it]. We talk about the bad things that happen with law enforcement or people in general with law enforcement, but we don’t recognize them for what they do. They help protect us. They are there, whether we know it or not.” 

The Greenfield sewing shop, Pass Time Fabrics, and a group of volunteers has been collecting tops for quilts for a few months.  

They asked for specific designs with police and law enforcement themes.  

They were able to create around 165 quilts. 

Now, they are donating them. They made their first delivery to the Greenfield Police Department.  

“After seeing the expressions on their face and how excited they were, just that someone did something so nice without even asking. I felt really good about it and it made me feel like we were doing something right for somebody,” said Roanhaus. 

They plan also on delivering quilts to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office.  

The crafters are also planning to collect supplies to make quilts for other groups like veterans and children in need.  

“I was thinking of doing something around Christmas time. I thought that it would be good idea to have Christmas quilts for children because people are always looking for gifts at Christmas time for children and these would make gifts for them. Especially for little children because they are a lot smaller,” Roanhaus said. 

Anyone interested in donating or sewing can reach out to the Pass Time Fabrics shop here