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COLUMBUS — A trio of brothers in Columbus are using their business to give back. 

They have a lemonade stand, and they take the money from that to show appreciation. 

“The lemonade stand is basically us learning to be entrepreneurs, but it’s not just that,” said oldest brother Kimale Freeman. 

They’ve done things like buy donuts for police officers, sandwiches for firefighters and flowers and Hershey kisses for nurses and other first responders. 

All as a way to show appreciation. 

They also do things like offer free water and lemonade to joggers who pass by their stand. 

Kimale says they have plans to help the homeless and others in need. 

“Because we try to make other people happy. We basically try to put smiles on other people’s faces,” said Kimale. 

“Because we are doing something nice for them,” said middle brother Jonathan Jones. 

Their mom says it’s rewarding to see her boys be so giving and caring. 

“The leap that they make really don’t mind about giving it back to others and that’s the most important thing that I feel like you should teach your kids. Don’t be selfish in the world,” said Corneshia Freeman. 

They plan to do things like buy gift cards for people in need. 

“I like to give the community and see other people happy and see smiles on their faces,” Kimale said. 

They say they use a lot of sugar to make their lemonade so special. And the real trick is they use pellet ice, or the “good” ice like you find at Sonic and Chick-Fil-A.