The struggle is real when it comes to getting back into ‘pre-pandemic’ shape

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INDIANAPOLIS — Gyms and fitness centers are back open in the Hoosier State, much to the delight of people everywhere.

But it turns out, the pandemic may have had an even bigger effect on our fitness than we expected, potentially making it a little harder to lose that dreaded “quarantine 15.”

According to FitBit, people under 29 were less active and took fewer steps in June 2020 than they did in June 2019. Resting heart rates and “vigorous movements” were also down, suggesting young adults were less active.

However, this wasn’t the case for the over 30 crowd. According to the data, people over 30 weren’t far off from to their 2019 activity levels, and those over 64 took more steps in June 2020 than they did in June 2019.

There are many explanations for the findings, however, such as many people simply not feeling assured it’s safe to return to gyms and fitness centers while becoming “bored” with at-home workouts.

In some cases it’s simply taking people longer to get back into their routine.

At places like F45 North Fishers, trainers say their members were quick to get back in the gym. Naturally, there was a bit of a fitness curve when it came to getting back into shape.

Head trainer Chris Hasse said for many, spending so much time out of the gym meant essentially starting their fitness journey back at square one, which can take some time to overcome.

“The goal is to get a little bit better each week. [In] two [or] three [weeks], you guys will be back to where you were pre-quarantine, but everyone was kind of on the same page. Some people were a little more ahead than others, but it was a bit of a struggle to start to say the least,” Hasse said.

Fitness journeys weren’t the only thing to struggle during this pandemic. Many people reported that their healthy diet went out the window while being stuck at home.

We spoke to registered dietician and nutritionist Kim Galeaz, who says it’s understandable that diets slipped. But when you’re trying to get your health and fitness back on track, what you put in your body has a big impact.

You have to make a choice. It is calories in, calories out. And you really need to think about, what foods are you putting into your body right now. Because it’s not just about your weight, it’s about your overall health. And we do want to support a health immune system right now so we can decrease our chances of getting sick, whether it’s the flu, or any other sickness including the coronavirus,” Galeaz said.

Galeaz says simple practices such as smaller portions, adding more vegetables, and balancing meals are the best way to get back into a healthy rhythm.

When it comes to the fitness side, trainers at F45 North Fishers say everyone will have their own comfort level when it comes to getting back in the gym. Regardless of whether you’re in the gym or at home, the key is just to get started and keep making smaller progressive goals for you to accomplish.

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