INDIANAPOLIS — Country star Morgan Wallen let former Colts quarterback and hall of famer Peyton Manning announce his 2024 extended “One Night at a Time” tour.

Well, he fumbled big time, but A+ for effort.

The video posted on Wallen’s social media shows Manning prepping to record the announcement while wearing a mullet wig and a baseball cap before getting on a Facetime call with the singer.

Wallen was quick to remind Peyton that he emailed him with specific instructions about the announcement and was instructed to lay off the funny dress-up, singing, and overdoing the bad jokes, to which he responded, “If you wanted somebody who doesn’t know how to look cool or can’t sing or tell jokes, you should have called Eli.”

Wallen responded, “Eli. That’s a great idea,” nodding in agreement before hanging up.

Brother Eli stepped up to the plate and announced that Wallen would extend his tour into 2024 with no issue. Easy, as they will say.

“Hey, Morgan Wallen fans. I’m Eli Manning, and I’m pleased to announce One Night At A Time: 2024. Coming to a city near you.”

You can watch the whole video here.

Wallen will kick off his extended tour at Lucas Oil Stadium on April 4.