MUNCIE, Ind. — Along with unanswered questions, the Muncie community is now dealing with the shock and grief of Sunday morning’s shooting.

On Tuesday, people will gather for a second prayer vigil for the shooting victims. The event will take place at Berea Church at 7 p.m.

“It’s sickening,” said lifelong Muncie resident Sondra K. Winfrey. “I mean, the enemy doesn’t have no respect, no mercy.”

Many in the community are shaken by what happened early Sunday morning. About 200 people came together Monday, not only to remember Joseph Bonner, who died in the shooting but also to pray for those who are still fighting for their lives, including 26-year-old Shealyn Orr.

She was run over by a car in the chaos immediately after the gunfire. Her family told FOX59/CBS4 she’s still in critical condition in Indianapolis. Orr is on a ventilator in ICU. Her prognosis is uncertain, and family members saw the whole thing.

“My cousin was in front of me,” said Orr’s cousin, Kimora Goodwin. “I saw her, and she was running, and I saw the car hit her. They ran over her and did not stop. They knew, they stopped for like a second, and then they just kept going.”

“We know that you guys know that you hit her,” said Orr’s sister, Ashley Erby. “I know everyone was trying to get out of the way, but you could’ve at least come back to see if she was okay.”

Community members are encouraged to attend Tuesday’s vigil as part of the long healing process in Muncie.