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INDIANAPOLIS — If you have recently received a text message with a random woman’s picture from an unknown number, the Better Business Bureau is saying to delete it and block the number.

“Because it’s so anonymous, it’s hard to tell who’s really behind it,” Director of Communication at the BBB Serving Central Indiana Jennifer Adamany said. “It’s hard to then see how it’s being used in different ways to kind of track it.”

Everyone is getting the same woman’s photo from unknown numbers, and the BBB said there is no indication that this woman is involved in this potential scam. Regardless, Adamany said do not engage.

“It can lead to various tactics: it could be a phishing attempt, it could be they’re trying to get you to sign up for a dating or an adult website and get your credit card information, it could be the beginning of a romance scam,” Adamany said. “It can even be they’re just trying to see if the phone is active so they can use that number for other attempts in the future.”

If you get the message, the BBB is advising to delete it, block the number and file a report on the Federal Trade Commission’s Scam Tracker.