When you put your mail into your mailbox or a blue collection bin, you expect those checks, cards and packages will make it to their destination. CBS4 Investigates found, that’s not happening as often as you’d hope.

Our team combed through a recent audit from the Office of the Inspector General. It shows mail theft increased 170% from March 2020 to February 2021.

So where does that mail go? CBS4 spoke to an evidence-based research group from Georgia State University. And it gave us an exclusive look at what it’s uncovered on the dark web.

“These are not kids who steal the mail from your mailbox. These are very sophisticated gang members with a very sophisticated and detailed supply chain with soldiers doing different operations across the supply chain.”

Dr. David Maimon with Georgia State University

Tuesday on CBS4 News at 11, Angela Brauer will show you how often mail theft and attacks on carriers are happening in Indiana and what YOU need to know before sending a check or cash.