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INDIANAPOLIS – The Better Business Bureau has revoked a business’s accreditation after what they called “a pattern of complaints.”

An unprecedented number of Hoosiers called and emailed CBS4 about WarrenCo Construction and Paving, LLC. Each person shared a similar story, saying they signed a contract, paid a hefty, half-down deposit and then had to hassle the company to get any work scheduled.

Wanda Anderson wanted a bell-shaped patio off her deck. Records show Anderson paid WarrenCo thousands of dollars in July. Anderson said she obtained a permit from her homeowner’s association and contacted WarrenCo about coming out. Eventually, it was October and she still didn’t have a patio.

“I didn’t hear from them so I kept calling and calling,” she said. “I left messages, and I left emails. Nobody would respond,”

Eventually, Anderson filed a complaint with the state attorney general’s office. Within days of her filing, she said WarrenCo called and scheduled the work she had been promised. She said the only thing workers didn’t do was install her deck stairs. She hired a friend to finish that work for her, instead.

Jeffrey Dennin paid WarrenCo $4,500 in June. Documents show WarrenCo was contracted to build a patio, decorative border and hot tub pad.

“I just wanted to have a backyard entertainment center put in,” he told CBS4. “They kept calling us and telling us we were on the schedule. I said, ‘Okay, well, we’re getting closer to winter. How soon can we start?’ They kept telling us, ‘You’re on the schedule, don’t worry about it.’”

Dennin paid WarrenCo on June 25 of 2020. To this day, Dennin says WarrenCo has yet to build his dream backyard.

“And instead of giving me my deposit back, which I gave him half down for the job, he wanted the other half of his money because that’s what I owed him,” Dennin said. “It was quite confusing because he hadn’t started any work at all.”

Dennin ended up taking WarrenCo to arbitration. An arbitrator ordered the company to refund the deposit. Weeks later though, Dennin says the owner has yet to pay.

“The next steps are to enter a plea into the traditional court system,” he said.

In October, Nedra Everett paid WarrenCo at least $3,000 for her patio. In December, she still didn’t have any work done. She texted her project manager. He told Everett that the company had shut down for the season and that she would be first on their list come the spring.

“We have lost complete faith in this company,” she said.

CBS4 tried to track down WarrenCo’s owner. We visited the two addresses listed online. One was an empty office space, and the other was a residential address. CBS4 called and emailed WarrenCo but never received a response.

Indiana’s attorney general’s office confirmed it has received at least 14 complaints about WarrenCo. In the meantime, there are at least six court cases pending.

The BBB changed the company’s rating from a “B” to an “F” and revoked its accreditation. The organization also posted a consumer alert after finding out the company owes more than $78,000 in alleged consumer complaints.

“Basically, it was about their failure to complete any of the projects or service,” said Tim Maniscalo, the CEO and president of central Indiana’s BBB. “They would take a deposit, say they were going to start a job on a certain date, and then wouldn’t show up or complete the job.”

Maniscalo warned consumers about the company and said people should read the reviews before hiring them for future work.

“See what’s going on and then make your own judgement from there, but you will get a lot of information to help you make your judgement,” he said.

Maniscalo said the BBB reached out to WarrenCo several times but also did not receive a response.

The Home Improvement Contract Act says if a customer pays more than $150 for home improvement, who ever is doing the work has to provide a contact. In it, there should be a detailed description of the work being done, approximate starts and stop dates and contingencies that “materially change the completion date.” Many CBS4 viewers said they never received a contract from WarrenCo and are therefore unable to get their money back.