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Austria's SDG Dialogforum 3.0

BKMC/Eugenie Sophie

High-level panelists & Rebels of Change youth representatives

BKMC/Eugenie Sophie

Ban Ki-moon at the SDG Dialogforum 3.0

BKMC/Eugenie Sophie

Award Ceremony for Austrian Regional Projects on the SDGs

Austria consults over 300 stakeholders from government, civil society, academia, private sector & youth in submitting the 2nd Voluntary National Review in 2024

VIENNA , AUSTRIA, November 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Federal Administration of the Republic of Austria, SDG Watch Austria, and the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens convened the “SDG Dialogforum 3.0” in Vienna on 12th October 2023, with 250 in-person and over 1400 virtual participants to set new impulses and develop innovative ideas to advance on the Agenda 2030 and its 17 goals.

The Forum was the main opportunity to contribute to the second Voluntary National Review (VNR) which will be submitted to the United Nations in July 2024. The unique Forum in Austria served as a vital stepping stone to catalyze action and drive positive change as well as contribute to the outlook chapter of the next VNR. The commitment of Austria and its multi-stakeholder participants is a testament to the global determination to leave no one behind and create a better future for all.

“A key lesson from past engagements was the importance of youth participation in fora like this. It is especially significant to me as the Co-chair of the Ban Ki-moon Centre, where we aim to empower youth all around the world. Youth need to be at the decision-making table – always!”, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations & Co-chair of the Ban Ki-moon Centre Ban Ki-moon stressed in his opening remarks about the youth’s participation in this year’s forum.

Youth took center stage with their presentation of the outcome of the Rebels of Change Youth Forum, which took place on 30th September and 1st October, urging policymakers to take concrete actions for a better future. The demands, drafted by young individuals deeply passionate about sustainable development, served as a powerful reminder that the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) must prioritize the well-being and aspirations of future generations.

To feed into the high-level discussion NGOs, academia and governmental administration representatives hosted stakeholder discussions on the topics: 1) protection of the biosphere; 2) skills for 2030, 3) solidarity in times of multiple crises, and 4) resilience for food security in the global South. The thematic discussions aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among different sectors to accelerate progress toward achieving the SDGs in and by Austria.

Notably, the discussion on food security as well as the high-level event featured a remarkable participant: President of the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) and small-holder farmer from Uganda, Ms Elizabeth Nsimadala, who shared her experiences and insights regarding the challenges and opportunities associated with the SDGs, emphasizing the importance of local and global collaboration in sustainable agriculture and food security.

Recognizing exemplary efforts in advancing the SDGs, three regional Austrian projects were awarded during the event for their outstanding contributions towards achieving the goals. These projects from Carinthia, Vorarlberg, and Burgenland were selected as good-practice examples, and demonstrated innovative and impactful approaches such as a workshop series with pilot municipalities working together and exchanging on “Community development with the Agenda 2030”.

The event's success underscored the importance of bringing together diverse stakeholder groups to tackle the complex and interrelated challenges of today. By fostering dialogue, sharing best practices, and highlighting the dedication of individuals and organizations, Austria's biggest multi-stakeholder event on sustainable development showcased the collective commitment to the 17 SDGs.

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