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amp launches Sonic Hub®, The World’s First Tool Ecosystem for Branded Sonic Experiences

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amp launches: Sonic Hub®

Fueled by AI, this revolutionary web-based platform will change the way brands both approach and manage their sound.

MUNICH, GERMANY, May 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Brands should create Super Sonic experiences for their customers. The increasing use and effectiveness of audio and the growing popularity of podcasts, digital music, and immersive entertainment have created the need for global sonic management and improved creative audio output. According to eMarketer(1), American adults spend more than 100 minutes a day actively using digital audio. This is more than time spent browsing social media, watching TV, or streaming mobile video. Digital audio and music are uniquely effective in bridging both cultural and age gaps. amp created Sonic Hub for brands to generate extended value from sonic assets while ensuring the consistent implementation of branded audio across digital channels and global markets.

“Brands have been in search of a way to quantify, qualify, create, and implement music into their marketing and communications for decades. Gathering and compiling these assets and associated data was always a tedious process that required multiple steps and liaising between agencies. We set out to solve this problem with the creation of our Sonic Hub® Tool Ecosystem. Brands will now have the capability to research and compare their sound, test and plan across markets, and manage and expand upon their sonic productions. We are excited to usher in a new era of ROI-focused sonic branding with collated insights and cutting-edge generative AI tools, built with brands and their global teams in mind.”

- Michele Arnese, Global CEO, amp sound branding

Sonic Hub helps brands become Super Sonic by carefully researching, planning, creating, and tracking target audience sonic behaviors as well as competitor brand sonic positionings. Exceptional Sonic requires an understanding of data-driven Sonic Principles connected to brand goals and product value propositions. Ten-plus years of amp sonic branding research have been engineered into Sonic Hub to support brand strategies and marketing goals across industries and media touchpoints.

The three core tools of Sonic Hub® are Sonic Radar®, Sonic Check®, and Sonic Space®. Sonic Hub establishes a collaborative ecosystem to improve sonic asset and audio experience needs. From brand research to creative sonic implementations, amp’s unique sonic workbench is insight-focused, user-friendly, and ready for global market-driven implementations.

Request Sonic Hub Information: https://www.ampsoundbranding.com/sonic-hub

Sonic Radar

Market positioning is critical for modern brand strategies. Sonic branding is even more effective than visual assets in establishing brand differentiation. Sonic Radar is a research-based tool that supports the definition of audio and sonic assets allowing brands and their communications to stand out and effectively engage with audiences. Intelligently positioned audio will enhance video content and user experiences across channels.

Sonic Radar is an interactive repository containing thousands of brands and industry-segmented audible profiles. Ideal for brand and media planning, the tool spotlights brand analysis and comparison, providing users with a comprehensive breakdown of sector-wide sound usage. Delivered in an easy-to-digest Sonic Snapshot, the tool analyzes the use of sound and music in brand communications across social media and digital channels. Identifying genres and emotions, Sonic Radar spotlights sonic logo and stock music usage. This analysis is brand, audience, and metrics-focused thanks to the help of advanced AI, deep learning algorithms, and manual research. Comparison between competitors will highlight sonic gaps and inform potential strategic changes in brand sound usage.

Sonic Check

Paired with market research, target audience engagement is step one for brand sales conversion. Sonic Check provides the audio testing solution to marketing guesswork, anticipating target audience engagement and emotional connection to brand sounds.

Sonic Check is a web-based platform used for the quantification of sonic assets, from campaign soundtracks to sonic logos, and their impact on brand recall, authenticity, emotional engagement, uniqueness, and other performance and emotional attributes. Market research techniques and AI-driven rapid and real-time testing connect with consolidated data to measure and value brand sentiment against a defined brand sonic profile.

Sonic Check efficiently recommends all viable sound options and helps to compare sonic asset drafts, assisting in progress monitoring for creative reworks and draft decisions. These comparisons and recommendations provide immense value in streamlining the creative process and assist in confirming optimal sonic layouts for brands.

Sonic Space

Cost-cutting and return on marketing investment are important for brands as they attempt to increase market share. Sonic branding is more cost-effective than visual alternatives. Decision-makers will need to adjust expenditures by focusing on cost-effective sound solutions. Sonic Space is the streamlined answer to brand sound needs, designed with brand equity, efficiency, and finances in mind.

Sonic Space is a secure customizable cloud-based music repository created to support brands, agencies, and creative teams on their journey to Super Sonic. Users can listen to tracks, browse the application using various advanced filters as well as create, share, and comment on playlists. Sonic Space supports the best-suited tracks for audio-visual content and campaigns across time frames, channels, markets, and media worldwide utilizing a tagging system. Sonic Space uses AI-based neural analysis to display tracks based on feeling, tonality, genre, and mood to further assist in data-driven decision-making in the creation of digital assets for 360º brand communication.

Within Sonic Space, our Generative AI approach enables scalable audio production and gives stakeholders the option to create fully produced, branded audio assets for their audio-visual content. Advanced Text-to-Speech capabilities are embedded within the platform and feature more than 600 different voices and 60 languages, options, and accents. The AI-powered tool can also be used to automatically adjust a selected or created track to a video, expediting the media production process exponentially.

"The Sonic Space enables me to seamlessly engage in collaboration with both internal and external teams, all while maintaining a consistent yet innovative brand voice. By conveniently perusing sonic content through filters such as musical feel, instrumentation, and genre, my workflow is greatly streamlined and the end result enhances the overall consumer/customer experience."

- Alisa Saario, Global Brand Strategy and Sonic Lead, Mastercard

(1) Insider Intelligence: https://www.insiderintelligence.com/content/digital-audio-takes-up-increasing-share-of-us-digital-media-time

Check out a live Sonic Hub® Demo, and if you would like to speak to a member of the amp Sonic Hub Team or review press opportunities, please contact:

Chris Bergin
amp sound branding

Sonic Hub - Making your Brand Sound Better (Video)

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