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New Study Reveals How to Impress Customers and Keep Them Coming Back

You may be surprised at what customers really expect!

Eighty percent of customers will recommend a company to friends and family after a great customer experience.”
— Forbes
NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS, USA, March 29, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- A new study conducted by Gladly explores just what is it that makes the difference for returning customers. Many will be surprised to hear that the top points customers presented had nothing to do with the quality of a product or service. Instead, customers indicated that they were more concerned with how they were treated if there was an issue and how well businesses could identify them as an individual.

The survey further explored how customers discussed businesses that impressed them versus those that didn't. Says Forbes, "Eighty percent of customers will recommend a company to friends and family after a great customer experience." On the other hand, businesses that left a bad taste in a customer's mouth were even more likely to receive negative word of mouth reviews.

Essentially this should inform the savvy businessperson that it's better to ensure a customer's happiness when possible. Beyond just providing a good product, business must dig deeper and avoid just doing what saves money or makes the day to day grind convenient. Taking shortcuts may disappoint a customer's first impression even more than an average service experience.

Beyond obvious details like interfacing well with customers and dropping automated voice chats, businesses need to focus on how to ensure customers feel seen. A great way to do this is to also identify employees as individuals so they can do their best when it's time to help a customer.

Ensure employees and customers encounter a safe and secure environment for starters. A dingy restaurant or ragtag office is more forgettable than memorable. Have the carpets professionally cleaned on a regular schedule and consider decorating to reflect the customer's desires over the typical 'business as usual' motif.

The study also revealed that customers are more likely to be impressed if they feel like they are getting something extra. This could be something as simple as a free gift, a discount, or even a little extra focused time.

The researchers concluded that businesses should focus on providing an individualized experience as well. Consistency is essential on the list as well but not to the degree of relegating customers to a credit card and order number. Always be ready to personally reach out to a customer to ensure they feel welcome and noticed.

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