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Yemen conflict seen in an ambitious film “Warriors of Stone”

Director SALIM KHASSA filming Warriors os Stone

Director SALIM KHASSA on the set of Warriors of Stone with Necar Zadegan and Jake Busey

Scene from the film Warriors of Stone, town elders rally to save the City.

Actors Jake Busey and Necar Zadegan share a scene together

Actors Ken Davitian & Sadam Attareb perform a heroic rescue after a deadly airstrike  

Director, Writer, Producer, Salim Khassa is currently in the process of directing “Warriors of Stone,” a major Motion Picture to be released globally in 2024.

They Never asked for these horrible conflicts to occur, they are just courageous Survivors.”
— Salim Khassa
HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- This story “Warriors of Stone” and it’s idea started when Salim met a conscientious priest-friend who had visited Yemen and he mentioned him about a late news topic on TV of a bombing in Yemen that Salim never knew about. A forgotten conflict that much of the world knows nothing about. He saw the suffering and poverty, especially the children.

Salim mentioned: “That was the “SEED” and I researched the turmoil of the Yemeni people going through this war that has 3 or 4 different sides warring against one another, rebels, international coalition forces, and inner tribal wars ALL converging”. “So a Village came to mind, with decent good people, simply, trying to survive and a Doctors without Borders field hospital that tends to the many injured citizens. These everyday people & doctors are the true Heroes” he describes.

That was the creation point of his latest film “Warriors of Stone”, the plot revolves around a trio of conscientious, altruistic Leads, a Doctor, a Journalist, and a Teacher who combine forces to assist in bringing change and providing much needed aid to one corner of Yemen.

Salim felt their Pain and anguish which became visceral to him. As a director He wanted to bring together All of the forces which these brave people are struggling against. “They Never asked for these horrible conflicts to occur, they are just courageous Survivors.” Salim Khassa always loved the movies of John Ford, Billy Wider, Francis Ford Coppola, and the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone, and also the Japanese master Kurosawa. From age 10, he was always impressed by the passion of how people communicate, and the essence of what makes them who they are.

He recalls to be so lucky to see close & upfront survival stories of people in Northern Africa & Marseilles France, a potpourri of people working hard to get through just One Day alive.

One of the thoughest challenges to make this movie could be in being involved, adapting to the latest trends of film making, but still, to the director, is how he feels about what the story behind the story is reaching deeper to find the crux of passion and emotion and sincerity to bringing that message to an audience.

One of the greatest achievements in the process of this film was when starting the project. “Yes! funding is always difficult for independent film makers. Not like a studio with endless resources, so it is one step at a time and like a Mountain Climb, there are stages, and you prepare for each stage accordingly.” He shares.

An artist’s real fulfilment comes by sharing the fruits of one’s labor with an Audience who are moved to Action, changing their hearts & minds to better understand what is happening in the world at large. “The catharsis is very important so in this case, gaining an audience awareness, to assist in understanding the fight of the Yemeni people and children’s suffering, is a primary goal”.

Salim’s company LBYL Films & Distribution, Inc also distributes movie projects worldwide, so Making the Movie is as important as getting it to many platforms in the right markets globally which shall increase awareness to the ongoing conflict and poverty-stricken nation of Yemen.

Many countries are on the brink of what Yemen is experiencing now.

The inexhaustible energy of Salim Khassa is the main ingredient of his success as the founder of Look Before You Leap Films. Algerian-born, he set his mind to make it in America when growing up in Marseille, France. Twenty years later, he made that Dream Come True, creating LBYL Films & Distribution, Inc., in the Brooklyn borough of NYC His “curriculum vitae” is lengthy, having directed documentaries, short-horror films, and Feature- Length Movies. Simultaneously, he established the Distribution arm of LBYL Films, and he has been a part of the Globe’s Major Film Festival Markets for two decades, growing the LBYL Library of Film into the thousands of high-quality selections in all film genres.

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