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Calling all Climate Solution Innovators . Apply for the Keeling Curve Prize by Feb. 10th

10 climate projects & programs will be awarded $50,000 each to reduce greenhouse gases.

ASPEN, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The deadline is fast approaching to apply for the 2023 Keeling Curve Prize (KCP). The prize will award $50,000 to two projects in each of the five following categories: Energy, Finance, Carbon Sinks (natural & engineered), Transport & Mobility, and Social & Cultural Pathways.

Last year, the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) doubled the total prize purse for the 2023 Keeling Curve Prize to $500,000. This effort was backed by a broad base of individuals and foundations around the country committed to accelerating climate solutions and protecting the planet for future generations.

This science-focused prize catalyzes the growth of high-potential nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies by providing critical funds needed to scale. Past winners and finalists are among some of the most impactful innovators in the world, with solutions ranging from renewable energy applications for vulnerable communities, to nature-based projects, and pathbreaking technologies. All applicants—whether or not they win the prize—gain access to ongoing support to ensure long-term success; including added staff capacity, talent, and investment opportunities to increase the overall efficacy of their projects.

Currently, the prize has been awarded to 50 programs and projects working around the world. Examples include: a globally accessible micro-hydropower technology developer, a solar company electrifying hubs in remote regions of Africa, a company applying innovative chemistries to produce low carbon products (including jet fuel), a proprietary chemical-free energy storage system using carbon captured from the air, and a startup harnessing natural solutions through seaweed farming and mangrove restoration. Winning the prize has not only elevated these organizations to levels of success beyond conventional expectations, but has also shown the world that climate action is thriving everywhere. Chosen from among 1700 applicants, KCP Laureates are projected to collectively reduce greenhouse gases by 100 gigatons—roughly 5-10% of forecasted global emissions through 2050. The market has rewarded them accordingly, with laureates demonstrating increased traction against their targets. They have raised four times as much capital in the years they received the KCP and beyond, in contrast to their years prior to winning the KCP.

An open application period runs for several months, during which hundreds of applications are accepted. Each application is evaluated, ranked and scored by at least two analysts. The entire analyst team then reviews and evaluates approximately 50 of the highest-scoring applications. The process becomes both quantitative and qualitative, with discussions aiming to narrow the field through information sharing and sometimes voting. The scoring matrix, the normalization metrics, and the team of experts with their diversity of knowledge all make this process highly competitive and rigorous.

The ongoing existence of our society is reliant on the shift away from our collective dependence on fossil fuel energy. Towards that end, the continued success of the Keeling Curve Prize is demonstrating how this is possible, practical, and profitable; with KCP Laureates well on their way to becoming leaders of climate action through their global energy and mobility transition efforts.

The 2023 Keeling Curve Prize is currently accepting applications from projects with a proven track record of replacing, reducing, and/or removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The deadline to submit applications is Friday, February 10th, 2023. Full details are available on our website.

Sarah Pooler
Global Warming Mitigation Project
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