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Shoebox Project 2022: The Mission

The Shoebox Project Richmond

RICHMOND , BC, CANADA, November 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Who are we and how we started?

The Shoebox Project is a charity founded in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, by four sisters-in-law who saw that there are many opportunities to help individuals in need, especially during the holiday season. Each of the Chapters across the country is created and led by a member of the community.

In 2022, with a group of extraordinary volunteers, Kathy Howarth & Karen Fisher Hagel expanded the Shoebox Project to Richmond, and together, they have built strong connections with partners that have been working hard with them to make a positive impact.

The Richmond community has been generously filling shoeboxes with gifts, treats, toiletries, and other items since 2011, to support their local chapters by helping with the collection, assembly, decoration, note-writing, and distribution of the gift boxes.

According to the homeless hub, the number of women, girls, and gender-diverse people experiencing homelessness in Canada is dramatically underestimated.

Why it matters

On Christmas, the feelings of isolation and loneliness that homeless and vulnerable individuals live in can be immense and sorrowful, this project is an opportunity of bringing hope and dignity to those who might think they have lost it.

The project provides local volunteering opportunities at all levels that encourage people to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people that are in need in a season that was supposed to be all about hope and prosperity for all, but due to different circumstances, many people do not have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas traditions.

Our Impact

The project has people that assemble boxes, people who write cards, and people who collect and distribute donations, and those are the small components that are immensely important when put together to bring hope to thousands of families around Canada, and those are the things that allowed the Shoebox Project to reach over 250,000 recipients in Canada through Shoebox Gifts since 2011.

Covid hard times aren’t over yet for some people in our city there are more in need now than ever. The Richmond Chapter distributed over 500 boxes in 2021, and this year our agencies are telling us they need more. More women are in precarious economic situations due to the after-effects of Covid, and the shift in the economy.

Here’s a heart-warming testimony from a Shoebox recipient:
"When they told me they had something for me I was so surprised, I had wished for something for my kids only. The volunteers are so wonderful I had tears and I didn't know what to say."

What’s new in 2022

In-person activities: In this fall of 2022, the Shoebox Project is celebrating the return of in-person activities like Shoebox drives, with assistance in picking up and delivering items to individuals and families in need.
The Shoebox Project for Schools: To spread awareness about homeless and promote volunteerism among youth, the new project will offer various lessons, activities, and educational resources for educators of grades 1-8 as part of the launch.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved:

1. Monetary Donation
You can help Shoebox Project’s Richmond Chapter by donating any amount directly at shoeboxproject.kindful.com, there are several Chapter locations throughout Canada that you can choose to donate to, as well as the option to donate to specific campaigns.

2. Items donations
Donating items to go into the boxes delivered for women in need is a big part of the project, which provides a list of items that can be used and gives an idea of what to donate to the drop-off locations.

3. Build a Shoebox gift (Physical or virtual)
Contributors can also create a shoebox gift themselves, with a standard-sized, decorated box that is worth approximately $50 of essentials that any woman might enjoy, with a warm message that makes them feel special and supported.
Creating Virtual Shoeboxes is a fun way to contribute and it is considered a charitable donation.

Access: https://www.shoeboxproject.ca/ways-to-give/make-a-shoebox

4. Get your company involved
There are many ways that companies can get involved, whether it is by financial donation, donating goods, becoming a sponsor, or being part of the hands-on experience on the initiative with Gift Drive: https://www.shoeboxproject.ca/ways-to-give/corporations

You can find more information about how corporations can be part of supporting this cause by visiting http://www.shoeboxproject.ca/ways-to-give/corporations.

5. Volunteering
There are many common support roles in different areas with volunteering opportunities that the Shoebox Project uses. Here are some of the ways to get involved in volunteering:

Community outreach: Assist the Chapter in raising awareness and encouraging more people to be involved. The outreach may include local corporations, schools, colleges, universities, shelters, and community groups.

Administration: Volunteer opportunities to help with general administrative duties such as monitoring emails, tracking, recruitment, and scheduling.

Fundraising: Volunteers assist local chapters in creating, planning, organizing, and implementing fundraising activities.

Marketing & Public relations: Marketing and PR volunteers support The Shoebox Project mission by helping to spread awareness and assisting in the communication of the project mission and public activities, and events.

Social Media: Volunteers spread the word and contribute to Social Media plans across numerous platforms.

Shoebox Inspections: Volunteers are involved in making sure that each shoebox is inspected, sealed, and ready to be delivered to women in need.

Shoebox Drivers: Assist with Shoebox pickups and deliveries of items. This involves what The Shoebox Project is working towards delivering Shoebox gifts to shelters.

Access: https://www.shoeboxproject.ca/volunteer/support-a-local-chapter

Here is the testimony of a volunteer shoebox maker in Richmond:

“It inspires me to think that I can make a difference in someone’s Christmas by providing a variety of practical and fun items tucked into a shoebox. I am grateful to have this opportunity to participate and thank everyone involved with this wonderful act of kindness.”

Donations in Richmond will be collected from November 7th to November 30th. You can find the drop-off locations in this link, and you can reach out to any of the contact methods for any questions.

Contact Information

Contact the Richmond Chapter: richmond_bc@shoeboxproject.com
Contact form: shoeboxproject.ca/virtual/ca-en/contact
Shoebox Project Richmond Chapter: https://www.shoeboxproject.ca/chapters/richmond

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