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Artha, a Premium Assisted Living Home, opens its doors to the Elderly

Logo of Artha Assisted Living For Elderly

Logo of Artha Assisted Living for Elderly

Vineet Jain is Founder & CEO of Arthya Assisted Living

Vineet Jain is Founder & CEO of Arthya Assisted Living

Artha Assisted Living for Seniors in Gurgaon

Artha Assisted Living for Seniors in Gurgaon

Gurgaon-based luxury senior care home caters to day-use facilities, independent & assisted living for elderly travelling for surgery or when the family is away.

High-quality patient-centric healthcare services allow seniors to enjoy a quality standard of living. Our 4-tiered care team works 24x7 to monitor and address the health of our residents.”
— Vineet Jain, Founder & CEO, Artha Assisted Living
GURGAON, INDIA, October 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- A country's elderly population is a valuable resource for any society. Ageing, as a natural phenomenon, comes with its opportunities and challenges. According to Census 2011, India has over 10 Crore senior citizens (60+years), constituting 8.6% of the total population. More than 8% of the Delhi & NCR population comprises the elderly aged 60+ years. By 2050, India is expected to have over 33 Crore entering the elderly category. Although the median age in India remains 29, we cannot ignore the senior age categories that remain vital to India.

Why the need for elderly care in India?
The life spans are increasing, which means more and more elders would need competent care in facilities beyond their homes. Also, immigration within India and across borders is on the rise. This trend means more and more families are getting fragmented, and a more significant section of the elderly now live alone or away from their loved ones. The hospitals are getting modern by the day but only cater to disease care and do not solve the increasing concerns for holistic elderly care. There is a growing need for elderly care in post-surgery scenarios. Also, lifestyle diseases like Blood Pressure fluctuations, Diabetes are rising. Many of the elderly also grapple with memory loss, Dementia, and Alzheimer's disease. Mobility can also be challenging, as many seniors are stuck to their wheelchairs or have bone and muscle concerns. Taking care of oneself can be challenging when faced with medical conditions.

Artha - Luxury Assisted Home for the Elderly
Artha is a modern senior care home designed and custom-built for the elderly. Vineet Jain, the Founder & CEO of Artha, says, "Artha Assisted Living homes provide seniors with a safe and welcoming environment that offers ease of mobility and high-quality care services. At Artha, we focus on the little details of our resident's daily living that provides seniors with a meaningful quality of life. Activities and events, such as festivals and on-premises health check-up camps, occasionally occur. Our home is fully wheelchair accessible, which enables easy access to move around in the common areas. Moreover, while designing Artha, we incorporated multiple safety features that give our resident's the confidence needed to enjoy their daily life stress-free."

Vineet adds, "High-quality healthcare services are essential for seniors to enjoy a quality standard of living. Our 4-tiered care team works round the clock to monitor and address the health of our residents. Our patient-centric approach provides our residents with the comfort & flexibility they need during their ageing."

Regular day-to-day care for senior citizens
Trained caregivers and nurses man the facilities 24x7 and monitor the elderly needs and healthcare. The medical team creates a customized care plan for each resident, which factors into the resident's care needs and preferences and provides a framework for quality care services. Customized meals based on medical conditions and choices are provided. Physiotherapy facilities at Artha provide seniors with easy access to quality service.
Artha Offers Short and Long-Term Stays, Memory Care, Post Surgery care, and Palliative care.

From short day visits to independent or assisted living or care before and after surgery, Artha has all the modern amenities backed by trained assistance and regular health checks to ensure a holistic approach to senior care. There are no obligations on the duration of stay. Artha can be an excellent alternative for guest houses or hotels for the elderly while their family is away or if they visit Delhi NCR for surgery. Palliative care at Artha involves improving the quality of life of every elderly patient irrespective of their health stage, ailment, illness, or disease. Artha aims to minimize any stress or pain and attempt to make the best transition to normalcy as much as possible so that they may lead and continue to live a more stress-free life. A society's credibility is gauged by how it cares for its seniors.

In this modern day and age, and busy lifestyles, senior care is paramount. Artha provides comprehensive senior care services in its facilities. The experience at Artha brings a truly enriching life experience for senior citizens.

Learn more at https://arthaseniorcare.com/

Rahul Gupta
Artha Assisted Living
+91 99107 79703

Artha Assisted Living is a Senior Care home that caters to day-use facilities, independent & assisted living for the elderly

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