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Mundo Hispano Digital Announces Launch of Diversity-Rethink Initiative, The MundoNow Project

Unites with AdTech Experts, Infinity Partnerships to Authentically Reach U.S. Digital Latinos in Today's America at Scale

ATLANTA, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Mundo Hispano Digital, the parent company of, one of the oldest Certified Minority Latino media platforms in the United States, announces the launch of The MundoNow Project, a new advertising-led revenue initiative designed to help brands reach digital Latinos that currently don't fit into standard AdTech industry category boxes. By partnering with diverse sites with overlooked Hispanic users, The MundoNow Project will bring together Hispanic users across the internet that reflect today's Latino identity, better monetize partner sites with digital assets, and bring authentic reach and scale to brands in the process.

MundoNow has enlisted Infinity Partnerships, the most inclusive expert network for advertising technology, to help launch and manage The MundoNow Project and actively seek new publisher partnerships and members to join this passionate initiative. The relationship creates a unified partner movement to help build a better business model for Latino and/or Spanish-language platforms that find it very difficult to effectively monetize their digital businesses, while simultaneously fulfilling growing advertiser demand to align with one of the most complex and important market segments, at scale.

"The evolution of our Latino community is a constant. Who we are today is not who we were 10 years ago. It's time we move to change the AdTech system as we know it, into something that effectively connects brands with real Latinos, acculturated and language-diverse as we are," said MundoNow CEO Rene Alegria. "Whether general Spanish-language news, or important and distinctive, culture-driven content for Afro-Latino English-dominant users, or LGBTQIA+ Spanish-dominant Latino users for example, there are too many instances where brands just can't connect with us at scale because we must either be 'all Spanish-language this' or 'all general-market that.' The MundoNow Project aims to change this, through smart technology that considers our authentic Latino perspectives throughout the media consumption lifecycle, and with publishing partnerships where Latinos frequent, regardless of language. With this new perspective, we can deliver an audience at scale where everyone, especially the Latino community, wins."

Launch partners include TV Insider, LovetoKnow Media, which operate properties including, LovetoKnowPets, YourDictionary, GolfLink and Recurrent Ventures, which operates sites like Bob Vila, Business of Home, Donut, Dwell, Outdoor Life and Field & Stream among others, and BigEdition with properties including - StadiumTalk, Work+Money, and FamilyMinded.

"When it comes to connecting with U.S. Latinos, there is no better partner than MundoNow to help brands more authentically engage with this key demographic. Additionally, their custom technology will allow us to effectively reach each individual subset," said Recurrent's VP of Programmatic Sales and Agency Development, Jonathan Penn. "We are thrilled to be working with MundoNow and Infinity Partnerships to reach Latinos across our portfolio of premium brands."

Infinity Partnerships co-founders Amanda Binns and George Mani added, "We are thrilled to partner with Rene Alegria and MundoNow, along with the many launch publishing partners on this important initiative to empower Latino identities across the entire acculturated spectrum. The Hispanic Consumer is multi-dimensional and The MundoNow Project will accelerate the buy side's ability to align with this powerful buying group, at scale, in an authentic manner. We are eager to use our combined 35 years of advertising technology expertise and expert network to launch and scale this initiative for Rene and team."

About MundoNow
MundoNow is one of the few certified-minority-owned digital platforms with a national reach, and whose largest markets include New York, California, Texas, Arizona and Georgia, as well as growing pockets throughout the Southeast and Midwest. The site generates 10 million unique visitors each month, along with 70+ million pageviews and 250+ million served ad impressions. A winner of 16 total Emmy's in three years, MundoNow has its roots in print, starting out as a Spanish-language newspaper in 1979.

With its deep roots in the Latino community, MundoNow's mission is to empower, inform and bring purpose to the online Latino community. Visit


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