February is Black History Month and FOX59 is highlighting individuals and leaders in our community who are helping make a difference in the world. People working to keep the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. alive. 

One woman is using her social platforms to inspire women one post at a time. 

“Who doesn’t want to be encouraged and inspired,” said Dr. Jacqueline King.  

No relation to the slain civil rights leader, but Dr. King is taking his dream and using it to her advantage. 

“A lot of people think I’m unapproachable, but I am so Greensboro,” she said. 

Dr. King is the founder and CEO of Black Woman Empowered, a global inspirational network she started 12 years ago with just 200 women. 

Today, that Facebook page now has over 2,032,000 followers. 

“I’m very, very humbled when it comes to bragging on myself. I don’t do it,” Dr. King said. 

But what Dr. King is doing is using that social platform to encourage and uplift Black and Brown women around the world. Between them all, Instagram and Pinterest just to name a few, there are over three million people seeing her posts daily. 

“We just kept going. Encouragement, inspiring posts. Everything to make someone feel that they could connect first of all with God; love themselves and support one another,” said Dr. King, “For me to be able to inspire other Black and Brown women, to reach their goals. That’s my mission. That’s my goal.” 

Dr. King’s movement is growing so fast — businessman and university lecturer Mathew Knowles is now on board. Yes — Beyonce’s father. 

“Dr. Knowles is such a real and down to earth man,” Dr. King said. 

Later this month, the two are teaming up to launch a business network for Black and Brown women. 

“To help them with entrepreneurship, real estate, motivation and mental wellness. A whole bunch more,” she said.  

Dr. King credits her late mother Betty Lou Parker for her drive and determination. 

“She just read and she poured so much into my sister and I and encouraged us to reach for the stars,” she said. “Fear will stop you from moving forward to accomplish anything.” 

And in this Black History Month, Dr. King has no plans to stop. 

“We are our brothers and sisters’ keepers. We’re responsible. God has blessed us to be a blessing,” she said, “I’m very proud, I’m very happy. Life is good.” 

“God has given us all our own special talents and gifts that we can utilize to get us where he wants us to be,” she said. 

Dr. King’s organization is also a safe haven for homeless and struggling women and veterans. 

Her network Black Women Empowered has several weekly and monthly workshops and video lecturers.