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  • Woman in California wins child support for 50-year-old daughter

    CARLSBAD, Calif. — A North San Diego County woman was awarded child support from her ex-husband nearly 50 years after she says he left her with a young daughter. Toni Anderson makes no apologies for going after the man she calls her “deadbeat ex” some 50 years after he left her with their 3-year-old daughter. Anderson says her ex-husband chose to go to Canada rather than pay court ordered child support in the early 1970s. “I kind of put it […]

  • Customers soak in warm tub of suds at Chicago ‘beer spa’

    CHICAGO — Beer: it’s not just for drinking anymore. Beer spas have been hugely popular overseas for years, but the first of its kind just opened in Chicago on the Northwest Side. Piva Beer Spa’s co-owner Dino Sarancic says soaking in a tub of warm beer has proven to be good for your skin and soothing for the body. “It’s a thermal soak, so the water’s about 98 degrees, there’s about 20 percent beer in here,” Sarancic said. “The beer […]

  • 3 teens charged after allegedly attacking 18-year-old with autism, setting his hair on fire

    SEABROOK, N.H – A New Hampshire grand jury indicted three 19-year-olds this week after they allegedly attacked another teen with autism in the fall of 2018. According to WMUR, police said the crime happened at someone’s home and was recorded on camera by other people there. The TV outlet identified the suspects as Paul Dustin, Brandon Lemiuex and Israel Rivera. They are all facing charges of felony criminal restraint and simple assault. “The criminal restraint is essentially that he was […]

  • Off-duty firefighter saves elderly man from burning home: ‘It never crossed my mind not to go in’

    PRINCE GEORGE, Va. – An off-duty Petersburg firefighter jumped into action Friday night after a fire broke out at the at home of his elderly neighbor along South Crater Road in Prince George County. Chris Lawrence said he had checked on his next-door neighbor earlier in the night. “I helped him get in the bed and get him in the house,” Lawrence told WTVR. “I told him I’d come back around… and check on him to make sure he was […]

  • Father of Sandy Hook victim dies in apparent suicide at Newtown Town Hall

    NEWTOWN, Conn. – The father of a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting died in an apparent suicide early Monday, according to police. Jeremy Richman, 49, of Newtown,  was found dead at the Edmond Town Hall by ambulance crews who were called to the scene. Richman was the founder of the Avielle Foundation, which was named after his daughter Avielle who died in the Sandy Hook shooting in December, 2012. The foundation works to reduce violence in society. Jennifer Hensel, Avielle’s […]

  • Grandmother’s prayer closet is the only thing left standing after tornado touches down in Alabama

    LEE COUNTY, Ala. – Recovery efforts continue in Alabama where an E4 tornado touched down earlier this month, destroying everything in its path. But, there was one thing that managed to withstand the powerful storm: a grandmother’s prayer closet. Chaplain Jason Smith was out with Billy Graham’s Rapid Response Team when he made the discovery, according to 11 Alive. He wrote about it on Facebook saying the whole family survived. “Are you kidding me? My God is awesome! Shout somebody!” he […]

  • Museum says ‘The Scream’ may not actually be screaming

    Edvard Munch’s The Scream may be one of the most recognizable images in art history, but the British Museum thinks most people have got it all wrong. The figure isn’t screaming—he’s hearing a scream, the curator of a new exhibit tells the Telegraph. Have we made a howler with the Scream? — The Telegraph (@Telegraph) March 21, 2019 This debate has actually been going on for years, but the museum says Munch’s own words make things clear. As Quartz explains, the museum is featuring […]

  • ‘It was like she was speaking to me’: Mom gets message from daughter killed in accident

    NEENAH, Wis. – While mourning the loss of her teen daughter after a fatal car accident, a Wisconsin mother got an unexpected text that left her stunned. Alyson Peters told WBAY she got the message as she visited the site where her daughter, 17-year-old MacKenzie Leeman, died Feb. 26 when her car slid off a highway overpass during a snowstorm. The high school senior, known as Kenzie to her loved ones, was driving home from a part-time job as a nursing […]

  • Missouri man accused of putting LSD in co-workers’ drinks

    ARNOLD, Mo. – Authorities continue to investigate after a Missouri rental car agency employee allegedly slipped LSD into his co-workers’ drinks last Thursday. On Monday, Arnold police questioned a 19-year-old Enterprise Rent-A-Car worker accused of spiking the beverages, according to KMOV, but he hasn’t been charged pending laboratory tests. Police got a call from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car manager who reported that two employees, a 24-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man, had both been hospitalized after they began to feel “weird […]

  • World record for planking broken by 71-year-old cancer survivor

    MINNETONKA, Minn. – A senior citizen who recently finished cancer treatment broke the world record for planking. 71-year-old Andy Steinfeldt didn’t even know what a plank was a few years ago – and now he holds the Guinness World Record for the exercise, according to Lakeshore Weekly News. Steinfeldt joined a gym a few years back and reportedly was put through a series of exercises to make sure he was fit enough to use the equipment without supervision. He told […]

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