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  • 12 children taken to hospital after dog attack at Oklahoma elementary school

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A dozen elementary students were taken to the hospital after a dog attacked the children while they were on an Oklahoma City school playground, according to KFOR. Just before 1 p.m. on Monday, dispatchers received several 911 calls from teachers and administrators at Millard Fillmore Elementary School. “We have a mad, out-of-control dog on our playground. It’s already bit a teacher and some kids, and we need somebody to come get the dog,” one caller told dispatchers. Officials […]

  • Police officer’s gun holster stops bullet from hitting him during Chicago hospital shooting

    CHICAGO — Another Chicago police officer could have been seriously injured in Monday’s shooting at Mercy Hospital, if it wasn’t for his holstered gun. The bullet penetrated the holster and stopped in the officer’s gun. A few inches either way, and the officer would have been severely wounded. A second Chicago cop was shot but not injured during today’s Mercy Hospital shooting. Looks closely, you’ll see where bullet hit the officer’s holster and gun. @WGNNews — Ben Bradley (@BenBradleyTV) November […]

  • ‘It’s a joke’: Washington man who raped dying teen gets less than 3 years in prison

    LYNNWOOD, Wash. – A Washington state man will spend less than three years in prison after drugging and raping an 18-year-old girl as she died of an overdose, a sentence the victim’s mother called “a joke,” according to KCPQ. Brian Varela, 20, was sentenced Thursday for giving 18-year-old Alyssa Noceda drugs, raping her, then trying to hide her body after she died. “I’m just appalled. It’s a joke. A slap on the wrist for taking someone’s life and violating another […]

  • No passengers injured after elevator falls 84 floors in Chicago skyscraper

    CHICAGO — Six people were rescued after an elevator suddenly stopped for several hours in the building formerly known as the John Hancock Center. Around 12:30 a.m. Friday, the group was leaving the Signature Room restaurant on the 95th floor when two cables broke, causing the elevator to stall near the 11th floor of Chicago’s fourth-tallest building. Fire officials said the elevator was in a “blind shaft”, which means there were no door openings. The Chicago Tribune reported the elevator had fallen 84 floors […]

  • North Carolina man’s runny nose turns out to be leaking brain fluid

    JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. – Greg Phillpotts said his runny nose tormented him for five years – last year his family’s Thanksgiving feast was ruined when fluid suddenly poured from one nostril and into the food, WTVD reports. “I was preparing a meal and standing in the kitchen and it just added itself to the ingredients — it screwed up the whole dinner,” the North Carolina father said. While he had surgery to correct the issue in September, he spoke recently […]

  • Snowstorm forces hundreds of students to sleep in New Jersey schools

    WEST ORANGE, N.J. — A snowstorm that caused chaos for commuters Thursday also left more than two hundred students stranded in New Jersey schools overnight. School buses were unable to get to schools in West Orange, forcing the district to keep the children overnight into Friday. Administrators and teachers played host to kids at eight West Orange public schools, including a preschool, who couldn’t get home. Liberty Middle School housed the most students, with about 25 teachers looking after about 100 […]

  • North Carolina mother killed while driving cab to save for daughter’s birthday, baptism

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Family members and friends are mourning a North Carolina mother of four after she was killed while driving a taxi Wednesday. “She loved her babies. That’s why she was doing this, is for extra money,” said Tammy Woodel, Olivia Florez’s half-sister. Police say around 7:30 p.m., 35-year-old Florez was driving a Universal Taxi Cab when she pulled out of a shopping center and started southbound on New Walkertown Road. Another vehicle, a 2006 Infiniti, was traveling northbound on New […]

  • ‘My name is Inigo Montoya’: Legendary screenwriter William Goldman dies at 87

    A “true legend” in filmmaking has died at 87. William Goldman, who won screenwriting Oscars for All The President’s Men and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, died Thursday night at his Manhattan home due to complications from colon cancer and pneumonia, per the Washington Post. Referring to Goldman as “one of the greats, a true legend,” Deadline reports he’d been in ill health for some time, with his condition worsening over the summer. Starting his career as a novelist, Goldman wrote his first movie script […]

  • Mom screams with glee as police bust Florida drivers speeding by stopped school bus

    PASCO COUNTY, Fla. – A dozen Florida drivers were ticketed after blowing past a stopped school bus on US 19 in Pasco County, Florida. A group of concerned moms recorded the police sting to catch the drivers. “Go get them boys!” Monica Douglas screams to police in her now viral Facebook video. “Ha! Enjoy those tickets. Ha! Thank you!” More than 11 million people have seen the video. “Thank you all for the support and shares and comments,” she later […]

  • Strangers buy playing cards for evacuee with autism after Camp Fire burns his collection

    CHICO, Calif. – When the Humbert family had to evacuate because of the Camp Fire last week, Carla Humbert thought they’d be back in their house soon. “We didn’t take any memories. We didn’t take anything major, we just packed some overnight bags,” she told KTXL. But, like thousands of their neighbors, there was no home to go back to. Without their house, the family’s son, Alexander, who has autism, lost the stability he’s relied on. He also lost his […]