Star Derry joined the CBS 4 Weather Authority in March of 2018.

Star earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Climatology & Hydrology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. Star’s meteorology career has kept her close to home. She grew up in Tinley Park, Illinois and was lucky enough to start her career at WIFR in Rockford, Illinois. After that, Star moved to WKOW in Madison, Wisconsin. After living in the Badger state, Star made the trip to WTTV here in Indianapolis. Star specializes in severe weather coverage and climatology.

Outside of work, Star spends her time on the trails with her horse, Kentucky Rain or playing with her cat, Alice.

Recent Articles
  • Isolated storms could develop this afternoon as 90-degree weather holds

    Today should be the third day in a row of 90+ high!  We’ll already be in the 80s by lunchtime.  A boundary to our north is holding in the warm, humid air mass but as it bends our direction. We could see isolated storms develop in the afternoon hours, when we’re at our hottest. The average high this time of year is actually in the upper 70s but we’re expected to hit 90 again today. Here’s a look at this […]

  • Hot air sticks until the weekend; tracking rain for Wednesday

    We really shouldn’t be so hot this time of the year.  Climate records show we should expect a high of 80 this far into September but we’ll actually hit 90 today.  Stay hydrated and take lots of breaks if you have to be outside. Reports of hail, downpours, and tornadoes in the Northern Plains overnight but the boundary to our north keeps us mainly free today and stuck in that hot and humid air mass. We can’t completely rule out […]

  • Heat pours into central Indiana

    Heat indices are soaring into the 90s today through Friday.  Even overnights will be warm with lows only dipping to the low 70s. Certainly hotter than what we consider normal.  Climate records tell us that we expect a high of 80 this time of the year. No rain for Tuesday, but early Wednesday morning we’ll watch for a couple of storms to develop.  This could mean wet roads for the Wednesday morning commute but it does look like the severe threat […]

  • Tracking rain; hotter temps

    Isolated storms in Western Illinois could toss a sprinkle or two into Central Indiana today but overall we are expecting a dry day.Temperatures will be pleasantly seasonable today.  High of 80 is exactly what we want this time of the year and that’s what we’ll get. Heat indices will soar in the next three days!  There are still two weeks left in summer and it’ll sure feel like it.We’ll also be rain free on Tuesday so if you’ve still got […]

  • Tracking small rain chances for Friday

    Dorian continues NE over the next few days, eventually making its way to Coastal Canada. Colts at Chargers this weekend has a great forecast.  We will have some rain chances back home in central Indiana for this Sunday. Highs will be comparable to yesterday.  We’ll stay below average through the end of the weekend. Isolated sprinkles are possible Friday afternoon.  The rain chances are low enough that you can keep your outdoor plans. Many of us won’t see any rain […]

  • Cooler morning Thursday with rain possible Friday

    Dorian is again a Category 3 hurricane, sustaining winds 115 mph.  A hurricane needs to have sustaining winds of 111 mph to reach that “major hurricane” status.  Dorian will continue northeast near the Carolina coasts.  It is moving much faster than it was when it was over the Bahamas. Between the decreasing sun angle and the northerly breeze today, temps will stay below average in central Indiana.  According to climate records, we should be hitting 82 degrees this time of […]

  • Not as hot for Wednesday; next chance for rain coming Sunday

    Hurricane Dorian is currently a Category 2 with sustained winds of 105 mph and gusts up to 125 mph.  Still a very strong system, our focus now turns to the Carolinas where landfall is still a possibility. A cold front is sliding through Indiana which will switch our wind to the north and keep us from repeating yesterday’s heat. Temps sure felt like summer on Tuesday, but Wednesday will feel a little more fall-like.  Average high this first week of […]

  • Storms heading toward central Indiana

    A foggy start to our Tuesday morning as so many of us return to school and work.  The fog is really limiting visibility south of the city, so be cautious as kids are heading back to the bus stop this morning. We’re also tracking Hurricane Dorian as it seemingly sits over the Bahamas, expecting to edge toward Florida soon.  The outer bands pushing the first few storms onto the American coast.  Even without landfall, this hurricane will cause immense flooding […]

  • Dorian in the tropics; fog back home

    Dorian’s cone still brings impact potential along the Florida Coast so we continue to keep our eye there.  Dorian has been slamming on the brakes.  Earlier last week the hurricane was clipping along the open water at 14mph but now nearly sitting over the Bahamas and moving at about one mile and hour… making this hurricane feel like an eternity for those on the islands right now.  Wind gusts are up to an insane 200mph right now. Back home, our […]

  • Tracking rain heading toward central Indiana

    Severe storms waking those up in the southern Plains overnight.  Reports of storm damage out there include one inch hail, winds of more than 70 mph, with shingles being blown off of homes.  As low pressure slides this way we could get an isolated storm or two through central Indiana.  That’ll just be during the middle of the day and back to dry and pleasant for Friday evening. By 9-10 a.m. we could have a brief storm roll through.  None […]

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