Star Derry joined the CBS 4 Weather Authority in March of 2018.

Star earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Climatology & Hydrology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. Star’s meteorology career has kept her close to home. She grew up in Tinley Park, Illinois and was lucky enough to start her career at WIFR in Rockford, Illinois. After that, Star moved to WKOW in Madison, Wisconsin. After living in the Badger state, Star made the trip to WTTV here in Indianapolis. Star specializes in severe weather coverage and climatology.

Outside of work, Star spends her time on the trails with her horse, Kentucky Rain or playing with her cat, Alice.

Recent Articles
  • Very humid Monday; storm possible

    Wow, those dew points are high!  Above that 70 mark and feeling awfully humid out there.  Moisture stays high today.  Humidity will be oppressive but heat will only climb into the upper 80s so heat indices will top off around 92…not terrible, Few storms possible this afternoon but rain totals will at best hit a quarter inch; most of us will see less.  This is all the rain we get until Friday so plan on having to water your flowers […]

  • 90s return to Central Indiana; rain in forecast

    It sure feels like summer!  We’ve already had enough 90s to fill an entire summer and we’re not even halfway through July!  Heat indices will near 100 all through the weekend.  That’s dangerous heat.  Don’t spend the entire day outside; your body needs to cool off in the air conditioning regularly. Indians play tonight!  It’ll be a hot game, no doubt.  Temps will be around 91 at game time so bring some money for ice cream!  (You’ll have to eat […]

  • Hot, gorgeous summer day; little rain through weekend

    Just like yesterday, we’re looking at a gorgeous summer day.  Highs will again climb into the upper 80s and we’ll have plenty of sunshine.  There is at least one model pulling a few clouds in this afternoon but the majority of the day should prioritize sunshine.  No rain for a few days so keep watering your flowers! Looks like a fantastic day to take in an Indians game at Victory Field.  Wear sunscreen if you head out though because that […]

  • Gorgeous summer Wednesday; shade tree needed

    Sunscreen and sunglasses needed on this gorgeous summer day!  UV Index is very high at a 9 so reapply your sunscreen every couple of hours.   Find a shady spot and take a meal outside because this will be a dreamy day to enjoy outside.  High temperatures will be right about at average and with humidity down a bit, it’ll feel great.  Dew points are still in the 60s this morning but that is lower than yesterday so it IS an […]

  • Little rain this week for central Indiana with another 90-degree day set

    Feel like it’s been a long summer already?  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing!  The fact is that we have already had enough 90s to fill an entire summer and it’s only July 10.  We’ll do it again today with a high of 91, which is certainly above average.  Temperatures have only been below average once so far this month. We have a small chance for a storm this afternoon, but if you look at Futureview you’ll notice how […]

  • Hot summer continues in Indiana; little rain all week

    Our annual precipitation isn’t far from normal, but it sure feels like we haven’t had much rain lately.  As a matter of fact, since April 4, we’ve had half what would be considered “normal” rain.  We could certainly use some rain but have very little in the forecast.  In fact, over the next five days we’re expecting less than a quarter of an inch.  Keep watering!  Mother Nature won’t help much. We’ll get some clouds pushed our way out ahead […]

  • Gorgeous weekend ahead for central Indiana with cooler temps

    No rain for any of your Friday night plans!  Looks like the most comfortable Symphony on the Prairie in awhile!  Expect abundant sunshine and comfortable temperatures with a bit of a refreshing breeze.  (Read: perfect) We had seven consecutive 90-degree days, so today’s 82 is looking better and better.  We’ll really feel the difference because we’ll actually be able to enjoy the outdoors today. Dew Points are still oppressively high this morning but will tumble to much more refreshingly dry […]

  • Last oppressively hot day; scattered rain Thursday afternoon

    Plenty of dry time today but a cold front will push clouds our way this afternoon followed by a bit of rain.  Rain certainly won’t get here until after 2 p.m. and many of us will see rain hold off until 4 p.m.  The showers and storms will be scattered mainly between 4 p.m. and  10 p.m., so the rain threat lasts longer than it did the last few days. Again, not expecting much rain so expect to still need […]

  • Scattered storms for July 4th but dry for fireworks

    Today will be the sixth consecutive 90°+ and heat indices will soar to the triple digits.  We’ll do it again tomorrow but then we’ll get a cold front to swing through and FINALLY bring some relief.  We’ll be much more comfortable by the weekend. Today will be the hottest July 4th in six years!  Back in 2012 we got the record for second hottest July 4th with a whopping 102° high.  The record was set back in 1911 and that […]

  • Extreme heat continues as festivities begin

    What a beautiful morning!  Those vibrant colors indicate the heat heading our way.  Another day where we’re expected to hit 90°. Remember to look before you lock!  Car temperatures will soar into the triple digits after only ten minutes today.  Make sure kids aren’t even playing near unlocked cars to which they may close themselves in. CarmelFest kicks off Tuesday afternoon!  Can’t rule out a storm rolling through, but it won’t be enough rain to cancel the event and rain […]