LIVESTREAM: Senate impeachment trial of President Trump

CBS4’s Russ McQuaid is “old school.”

His career dates back to the Dark Ages of Media when there were no computers or cell phones or Twitter, which is why he said this biography will take more than 154 characters.

His journalistic mantra is that of early 20th century print curmudgeon H.L. Mencken, who said the goal of the reporter is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Russ began his career in underground FM radio in the ‘70s at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, where he performed radio comedy with someday Hollywood superstar Tim Allen. However, Russ turned his back on fame and riches and celebrity so he could report stories of crime, corruption and hope from Indianapolis.

A legendary and famed former local Teamster once said of his journalistic skills, “You’re so good Jimmy Hoffa would’ve tried to bribe you.” Russ deems this high praise indeed.

Russ has one son, who is taller, smarter and better looking, so he considers his personal life a moderate success. His son enjoys making online videos, often making fun of his father.

Russ likes to listen to Neil Young REAL LOUD! He once drank margaritas with Dolly and Stella Parton. His heroes are Woodward and Bernstein and Ben Bradley and Sgt. Sammy L. Davis (CMOH) who says, “You don’t lose until you stop trying. Never give up.”

Not to be outdone in clever pithy quotes Russ says, “You gotta get up early if you’re gonna save the world,” which is his guiding inspiration to walk G Money the Dog every morning before coming to work to battle Evildoers.

Russ thanks you for watching because your continued viewership keeps him employed.

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — On Monday night, City-County Council Republicans will unveil their plans for a 15-member Indianapolis Commission on Violent Crime. Chief Sponsor Brian Mowery told CBS4 News he already has a commitment from Democratic council leadership to support the proposal. Proposal 43 calls for a commission made up of council members, state lawmakers, law enforcement, non-profit professionals, citizens and judges to study the city’s current anti-violence approach and plot a path forward. “We want to have a comprehensive study […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The frightened fifth grader sat on the couch in her mother’s northwest townhouse apartment. The mom doesn’t speak English so the girl translated my questions. The child was the subject of a massive IMPD response until well after dark Wednesday night, when her mom reported her daughter didn’t come home from school. The 10-year-old told me she got off the school bus a few blocks from her house and wandered a strip mall near 71st Street and […]

  • East side residents find little comfort in navigating neighborhood violence

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Reese Miller spotted me walking up Priscilla Avenue outside of his apartment at Beechwood Garden after a handful of IMPD patrol cars drove away. “I see the police officers coming through here two or three times a day,” said Miller. “That does give you a little comfort but at the same time, me even talking right now could put me in the same jeopardy.” Miller was talking about the gunfire he hears and trouble he sees outside […]

  • East side woman recounts abusive relationship on eve of boyfriend’s hearing

    UPDATE (Jan. 23, 2020)– Roger Bowman Jr. is out of jail after posting a $500 bond.  Allie Whitaker said she has a protective order against Bowman but now fears for her life since he’s been released pending trial. The judge overruled the prosecutor’s request for a higher bond. Bowman was ordered to report to Community Corrections to be fitted for a GPS monitoring unit. Original story: INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Allie Whitaker’s knees trembled as we talked inside a safe house […]

  • Marion County Jail population dip leads to cell block maintenance

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — It has been about five years since Marion County Sheriff’s Colonel James Martin has had so much elbow room inside the Marion County Jail. “We’ve had a drop in our population and that’s about 300 beds, and what that’s allowed us to do is close down housing units like this and do a full scale maintenance check of locks, windows, lights, fix some plumbing and do a full repaint of the facility.” The cell blocks’ last fix […]

  • Marion County prosecutor claims 73% conviction rate for 2019 murders

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears announced this week that in 2019, his office took more murder cases to trial than ever before. In court last year, the deputy prosecutors Mears shared with his predecessor Terry Curry prevailed 73% of the time, winning felony convictions in 36 cases. “We didn’t win them all but we shouldn’t win them all,” Mears explained. “I want to make sure we take those tough cases to trial but I’m also proud of the number […]

  • IPS announces proposals for charter schools Donnan, Howe, Manual

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis Public Schools will regain control of three charter schools. During a session Wednesday, the Indiana State Board of Education voted to return Emma Donnan Middle School, Emmerich Manual High School and T.C. Howe Community High School to IPS control. The vote was 6-2. IPS had proposed closing Howe Community High School, turning Manual High School over to the Christel House Academy and inviting two charter school providers to run Emma Donnan School. IPS is committed to […]

  • City leaders upset after Indy armed drug felon gets 14 years home detention

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Clifton Withers is a lucky man. The 44-year-old Indianapolis man with a long criminal history — which began in 1997 with a cocaine conviction and later included a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon — was arrested with cocaine, heroin and a gun in the spring of 2018. Withers, who picked up another drug arrest while out on bond awaiting trial, took a guilty plea last week to dealing narcotics while […]

  • East side teens look back on life with gun violence: ‘I watch over my back a lot’

    Quintez Tucker has a fresh pink scar just off the edge of his eyebrow on his left temple. He has a pronounced bump in his forehead between his eyes. The scar and the embedded bullet are all Tucker has to remind him of a shooting on Thanksgiving night. “I was in a car with a group of friends and someone just ran up to the car and starting shooting at the car and I got out running and I collapsed over […]

  • Police want judges to review ‘broken’ pre-trial release program

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Fraternal Order of Police is trying to figure out how to stop people from committing a new crime while awaiting trial for one they already committed. As president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 86 in Indianapolis, IMPD Lt. Rick Snyder says he represents police officers who spend their days on the streets re-arresting the same offenders over and over again. Often, these arrests happen after they’ve committed a new crime while on probation or […]

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