Mike Sullivan joined the FOX59 news team in June of 2018. He comes to Central Indiana after spending time reporting news and sports in Ohio and Minnesota.

Mike knew he wanted to be a reporter in his teens, and spent countless nights falling asleep to ESPN SportsCenter. He got his first taste of covering news during the Boston Marathon bombings. Mike jumped into action when the explosions went off just a few blocks from him. He was one of the first people to report live for his station in Boston, despite being a behind-the-scenes employee at the time. It was his first live report on-air. Needless to say, a reporter was born.

He left Boston, and became a multimedia journalist in Minnesota covering news and sports. There, Mike was a runner up for two Associated Press awards in both news and sports. He carried on his dual role while reporting in Dayton, Ohio. His experience in both facets of the newsroom has taken him from the sidelines of the MLB All-Star game to the tragic moments of school shootings.

Mike lives to tell interesting stories in a way that entertains and captivates his audience. Around the newsroom, you can often find him hatching an out-of-the-box scheme to tell his story in an unexpected and unique way.

Mike is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and is a graduate of Boston University. As is accustomed to anyone from New England, he is a Patriots and Red Sox fan, but he hopes Colts fans won’t hold that against him.

If you would like Mike to tell you story, you can reach out to him at msullivan@fox59.com.

Recent Articles
  • Brownsburg family sleeps through armed burglary

    BROWNSBURG, Ind. — We can’t always tell what goes bump in the night, but at times, those noises may be best left unheard. A Brownsburg mother and her one-year-old daughter now know the feeling, as they slept through the night while armed burglars broke in a floor below. “At this point, she just doesn’t want to talk about it,” Jon Curtis said of his wife Mickell. “She feels sick. She feels ill. She feels violated.” Jon had been away on […]

  • Survey: Thousands of Indiana drivers blow by stopped school buses

    WHITESTOWN, Ind. — The Indiana Department of Education said a statewide survey by school bus drivers shows an alarming number of people are ignoring the bus stop arm and blowing right by. A little more than half the districts in the state took part in the survey, and nearly all of the numbers are in. On April 23 alone, bus drivers tallied 2,530 violations. If you multiply that number by 180 school days, it equals 455,400 violations for the school […]

  • Spencer teen wins contest, has script turned into movie

    SPENCER, Ind. — A Spencer high school sophomore is becoming a film writer overnight. Marjorie Abrell won a statewide script contest with Pigasus Pictures in Bloomington. The company is in the process of filming and editing her movie. It should take three days to shoot and two months to edit. “Pick a winner, and take a professional film crew to their town, and make a movie with high school students,” detailed John Armstrong with Pigasus Pictures. “The purpose of theatre, […]

  • Motorcyclists warn that lawn clippings left in streets put their lives in danger

    FISHERS, Ind. – May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and local bikers are warning homeowners that their curb appeal may put bikers’ lives in danger. Lawn clippings that blow into the street can turn pavement into ice for bikers. The moisture and texture of wet grass can squish when a bike travels over it, causing a rider to lose control when braking. “Creates a road hazard for us,” said American Legion Rider John Jones with Post 341. “We are only on two […]

  • Carmel neighbors assessing damage from Thursday’s storms

    CARMEL, Ind. – Central Indiana neighbors are picking each other up following a severe blast of thunderstorms Thursday night. At times, the whipping rain sounded like being in a car wash, but the storm was more like watching a prize fighter box. People said the storm landed punches in bunches. The short bursts left parts of central Indiana knocked out. “I live on the other side of the house. My grandmother lives with me. I thought maybe she fell,” Brandon […]

  • IU researchers test baseball team with high-tech training to improve vision

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Baseball players at Indiana University are taking their training to a new level. The team is part of a new optometry study to see if high-tech drills can improve their hand-eye coordination. IU is partnering with Duke University on this research, and their work is being funded by the United States Army. “The challenges of hitting a round ball with a round bat where the ball is moving at you at 90 MPH is a very visually demanding […]

  • Indy east side neighbors wrongfully towed, warn others: ‘The car was gone’

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A warning for east side apartment dwellers: keep a close eye on your car. Neighbors in the area said a tow company is picking up vehicles even if they have permits. “I came out Friday morning to take my son to school, and the car was gone,” Olivia Dufour said of her father’s car. Dufour borrowed a friend’s vehicle and brought it to their apartment complex on East Washington Avenue. Her father moved the permit sticker from […]

  • ‘That dog is no person aggressive’: Dog owner upset after accident leads to IMPD shooting his dog

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An Indy dog owner is irate after the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shot and killed his beloved pooch in his own backyard. According to police reports, two pit bulls began fighting in Kent Hickson’s backyard. Hickson is a dog trainer who was fostering two dogs for Speedway Animal Rescue, and also has four dogs of his own. His friend, Whitney Knoy, was dog sitting and let the animals out in the yard without knowing they are usually […]

  • ‘We feed 90,000 people a year’: Food delivery truck stolen from Martinsville men’s shelter

    MARTINSVILLE, Ind. – Manna Mission serves thousands of meals a year with some coming by delivery. That service came to a halt after a thief made off with the men’s shelter’s van. “We are not just a men’s homeless shelter, we feed 90,000 people a year. We distribute clothing by the ton,” Manna Mission Associate Pastor Jeremy Tackett said. “Without it up and running, there is going to be guys that we are going to have to figure out how […]

  • East side resident’s signs calling on DPW to fix dilapidated road

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Neighbors on the east side of Indianapolis are pulling out all the stops to focus the city’s attention on their decaying road. The stretch of South Kitley Avenue looks more like an off-road course than a busy street. “There’s no way really to go over it safely without damaging your car,” said Kyle Boersma who works at Coreslab Structures Inc. nearby. “It was worse, you probably couldn’t go over it about two to three miles per hour,” Larry […]

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