I’m thrilled to be reporting in the Hoosier state and helping to tell the stories in our community!

I joined the CBS4/FOX59 team as a reporter in June 2018. I moved to Indianapolis after living in East Tennessee for two years – reporting for WATE 6 On Your Side in Knoxville. During my time there, I covered several national stories like the deadly Gatlinburg wildfires and Chattanooga school bus crash in 2016. I also did extensive coverage on the drug epidemic in East Tennessee.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, the University of Southern California was my dream school. I received my bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. I also minored in Political Science. During my time on campus, I reported, anchored and produced for the award-winning ‘Annenberg TV News’.

For two years, I was also involved with USC’s Spirit Leaders. I led stadium wide cheers during football games in the famous Los Angeles Coliseum.

Most of my family lives in California but I’m so happy to be close to a few aunts and uncles who live in the Indianapolis area.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends and travelling.

If you want to learn more about me, feel free to reach out!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KellyReinkeTV/
Twitter: @KellyReinkeTV
Email: kreinke@fox59.com

Recent Articles
  • Tissue donation pilot program in Carmel is first of its kind in Indiana

    CARMEL, Ind. – A new pilot program in Carmel involving tissue donors is the first of its kind in the state. This innovative idea could help enhance the lives of hundreds of people. It is all through a partnership between the fire department and the Indiana Donor Network. “What donation brings to families is that light at the end of a really dark tunnel,” said Sue Finkam, the director of external engagement for IDN. Finkam is also a city council […]

  • Sobro Cafe on College Avenue is latest business to close along Red Line

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Another restaurant off of College Avenue has closed, and the owner believes the Red Line may have led to a drop in customers. Sobro Cafe is just one of more than five establishments along College Avenue to close its doors within the last year. Helge Oomkes, the owner of Sobro Cafe, said business took a hit when Blue Indy cars took up available parking spots right in front of his restaurant. He thinks the Red Line also […]

  • Amputee opens Bloomington prosthetic center

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A Bloomington man is giving back to amputees in a very personal way. Jim Dewees was treated for frostbite in 1998 after his foot slipped through some ice on a back-country trip. A doctor had to amputate part of his leg. He said he was frustrated while trying to find a clinic that seemed to want to make a prosthetic leg that functioned and worked properly for him. He eventually opened Prosthetic Center of Indiana in Bloomington […]

  • Lawmakers push bill to allow undocumented immigrants to earn driving cards in Indiana

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — State lawmakers are continuing to push a proposal that would allow undocumented immigrants in Indiana to legally drive. It is an idea that has been introduced seven times, but the bill has never received a hearing. Yet, some representatives believe it is an important issue to take on. During her first term, State Rep. Chris Campbell introduced HB 1083. It would provide driving cards and learner’s permits to undocumented immigrants. According to her bill, they would be […]

  • 4-month-old boy at Riley Hospital gets help from $2 million medication

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Family of 4-month-old Anthony Schmitz has more hope after the boy received expensive treatment that could improve his quality of life. Anthony is fighting a terrible disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA. It can kill kids before the age of 2. (SMA). It is the leading genetic cause of infant mortality. Children with this condition have problems holding their heads up, swallowing and breathing. These symptoms may be present at birth or may present by the […]

  • New push from lawmakers to prevent discrimination at Indiana schools

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– There’s a new push to prevent schools from discriminating against students and staff. Democratic State Senator J.D. Ford filed a bill on Friday that specifically applies to schools participating in the state’s voucher program. According to SB 250, a Choice Scholarship School may not discriminate against a staff member or student based on a number of things, including gender identity, marital status or sexual orientation. If the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) determines the school discriminated against a […]

  • FDA places restrictions on almost all flavored, cartridge-based vaping products

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – There is now a restriction on the sale and distribution of certain flavors of e-cigarette products. The FDA released the policy on Thursday as the country sees epidemic levels of e-cigarette use among young adults. The agency plans to prioritize enforcement against any flavored, cartridge-based product, other than a tobacco or menthol-flavored product. Manufacturers will have 30 days to stop making and selling these flavors. The policy does not prioritize enforcement against other vaping products in the […]

  • Indy Ten Point Coalition patrols new area on far east side

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Starting Jan. 1, the Indy Ten Point Coalition will be patrolling a new area on the far east side. Since 2018, they were working in a spot that included 42nd Street and Post Road. The group’s president, Reverend Charles Harrison, said they are moving because there was tension with other crime fighting groups in the area. In June, Indy Ten Point Coalition celebrated a year without homicides in the Post Road area. “As we did that, there was […]

  • Learning more about pneumonia after young ESPN reporter passes away

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- On Tuesday, ESPN reporter Edward Aschoff died after doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia and a rare immune disorder called HLH. That was according to his fiancé, Katy Berteau, on twitter. Berteau said he was first admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with multifocal pneumonia. She said he was brought back to the emergency room after his symptoms got worse when antibiotics did not work. He died on his 34th birthday. Doctors say very young people and the elderly […]

  • What is that mysterious smell? It could be rotting radishes in central Indiana

    MUNCIE, Ind. — Hoosiers are noticing an unpleasant smell in some rural communities across central Indiana, and fire departments are getting calls about it. Joe Hamilton and his family harvest over 2,000 acres in Delaware County. They were not able to grow corn on 400 acres of it this year because there was too much rain this spring. So, his family planted cover crops, including daikon radishes, on the land instead. Radishes help release nutrients back into the soil, so […]

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