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  • Major I-70 ramp closure scheduled for Monday

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A major exit on I-70 is closing next week. It may impact your commute to and from work. The Meridian street exit right off of Madison and McCarty, south of downtown will be closed starting Monday morning at 4 a.m. The “on” and “off” ramps will be closed in both directions. Meridian Street is one of the busiest ramps to and from downtown, so INDOT said it wanted to do this closure right. “We wanted to make […]

  • Greenfield looks to adopt new beekeeping ordinance

    GREENFIELD, Ind. — A proposed beekeeping ordinance is up for debate in Greenfield. In July, the state made it illegal for local government to ban beekeeping. Now the city is figuring out a way to regulate it instead. “You’ve gotta get your hands right in the bees,” said Ron Myers. He is a beekeeper just outside Greenfield city limits, so his bees wouldn’t be impacted by an ordinance. However, Myers said he worries what will happen to his friends in […]

  • IMPD collects data as body camera trial program concludes

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IMPD is one step closer to potentially adopting a new body camera program. A 45-day trial ended a little more than a week ago. Police say now it’s time to gather facts and opinions from the study. “We think the importance of this issue can only be highlighted by the incident a couple of weeks ago now over at Shortridge,” said Mark Russell, the Director of Advocacy and Family Services at the Indianapolis Urban League. Russell said if […]

  • New Indy transit options serve as recruitment tool for businesses

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Some downtown businesses say lack of public transportation has been a recruiting challenge for years. Especially recently, as data shows young professionals are straying away from owning a car. We learned new forms of public transit are helping. “Transit has never been a prideful point of living in Indianapolis,” said Peter SerVaas, co-founder of Double Map in Indy. He said he thinks that’s starting to change. “It’s very exciting to see each mode,” said SerVaas. Bikes, scooters, Blue […]

  • Police push gun safety as they investigate a 4-year-old shot

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A four-year-old boy is in the hospital after police said he accidentally shot himself in an apartment near 46th and Arlington around noon Monday. He is in serious condition. Police are interviewing witnesses and trying to figure out how this child was able to get a gun. They say it’s a completely preventable tragedy. Tony Lewis lives right across the street from where it happened. “This is an accident that shouldn’t have happened,” said Lewis. He said as a […]

  • Indiana school corp. files lawsuit against the state for $1 charter law

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A local school corporation in Indiana is suing the state for a law it claims “stacks the deck” against public schools. The law allows private charter school corporations to lease vacant public school buildings for one dollar or buy them at the lowest appraisal price. “I’m just asking for fairness in the system,” said West Lafayette Superintendent Rocky Killion. The former West Lafayette Happy Hollow Elementary School cost local taxpayers millions of dollars but the community outgrew […]

  • IndyGo addresses issues with deliveries and the Red Line

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – We are more than a week into the Red Line service and businesses along the route say they are adjusting. Some were concerned how drop offs and deliveries would work if trucks can’t park in the red bus lane. IndyGo said it is willing to make compromises as delivery drivers learn the rules. “We’re able to maneuver buses around things that may be in the way or just temporarily in the space,” said Public Relations Director Lauren […]

  • Perry Township neighbors feel crime is on the rise

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – People living in a south side Indianapolis suburb say crime is getting out of hand there. They’re convinced it’s getting worse every day in Perry Township. We looked at the numbers from IMPD and showed neighbors what the data is saying. Derek Walden lives in Perry Township and said he has seen his fair share of property crimes recently. “My car has gotten broken into twice, my house has gotten egged, my mailbox has gotten hit with […]

  • Neighbor asks people to ‘check up on kids and parents’ after Gas City murder case

    GAS CITY, Ind. – According to court documents, ‪around midnight Wednesday, Amanda Carmack walked to the Gas City police station and said she needed to talk to someone. When police arrived, she was sitting on the floor of the room sobbing. Police said she then confessed to strangling Skylea. Neighbor Ashley Lopez said she met Amanda and Skylea last week when they found her lost dog. “I’m heartbroken because I feel guilty in a way,” said Lopez. “Like I failed them […]

  • Grandmother speaks of her regret after granddaughter’s murder in Gas City

    GAS CITY, Ind. — Skylea Carmack’s grandmother has a warning to anyone who may be seeing signs a child isn’t getting proper treatment. Brenda Helmuth is the mother of Skylea’s father, Kevin Carmack. She is filled with regret after learning her grandchild was murdered Saturday. Police believe Skylea was killed by her stepmother, Amanda Carmack. Helmuth said Amanda didn’t allow her to see Skylea very often but when she did, Helmuth had concerns. Now, she regrets staying quiet about them. “I’ve always […]

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