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Jill Glavan leads the CBS4 Problem Solvers team, which keeps her busy every day working on behalf of viewers to get results, protect their pocketbooks, and bring concerning issues to light.

Jill moved to Indianapolis in 2012 and quickly made the city her home. After growing up in the Dallas area, her immediate family moved to Indiana in the early 2000’s and Jill spent summers during her college years at the University of Missouri getting to know the area- she now considers herself an adopted Hoosier!

Jill began her career at WPTZ in Burlington, VT, where she got used to tough winters! In addition to her daily assignments, Jill produced a yearlong series where she became a “localvore,” only eating food produced within 40 miles of her own home. It was a challenging project, but gave her an appreciation of local food and businesses.

When she’s not at work, Jill enjoys reading, attending live concerts, spending time with family and friends, and cheering on her favorite teams: the Colts and Mizzou Tigers.

If you have a problem you’d like Jill to consider or an issue you want to expose, contact her at or call the CBS4 Problem Solvers hotline at 317-677-1544.

Recent Articles
  • One year after state signed $128 million contract, improvements slow to reach all vulnerable Hoosiers

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — One year after the state overhauled its non-emergency medical transportation system for Medicaid patients, leaders are ironing out major issues that left vulnerable patients stranded. CBS4 Problem Solvers visited the Indiana office of Southeastrans, the Georgia company that signed a four-year, $128 million contract with the state that went into effect June 1, 2018. The call center serves as a hub, where employees schedule rides with a network of transportation providers. The first year of the overhauled […]

  • Disabled veteran needs help replacing bridge that often floods, trapping him at home

    NASHVILLE, Ind. — Flooding at the front of a disabled veteran’s property often traps him inside his home, unable to get out for doctor’s appointments or medical emergencies. Steve Lowry’s six-acre property in Brown County is an oasis where the Army and National Guard veteran can relax, play with his grand kids, and go to and from his duties as the commander of his local American Legion post. When it rains, though, Lowry often can’t go anywhere because the bridge […]

  • CBS4 Problem Solvers asks: Do you need to pay for identity theft services?

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — As identity theft becomes a part of our daily lives, a growing number of companies offer services aimed at helping you, but do you actually need to pay for them? CBS4 Problem Solvers set out to answer that question and find easy ways you can protect yourself for free. According to a survey conducted by the state of Indiana, identity thieves have hit at least one in five Hoosiers, and that number is likely bigger because many people […]

  • New tool could put power back in survivors’ hands as thousands of sexual assault kits sit untested

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Survivors of sexual assault often wait years for justice, if they ever see justice at all, and a new tool could help give them more power to see if their case is progressing. Three and a half years and countless hours of frustration led one survivor to tell CBS4 Problem Solvers her story. She spoke anonymously because her case has been reopened by police and remains pending. “Hopefully I can help change the process in some way, draw […]

  • CBS4 Problem Solvers finds thousands of nearly identical vanity license plates

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An analysis of the state’s database of personalized license plates turned up thousands of cases of drivers sharing the same message, spelled with variations of letters and numbers that could be easily confused. More than 120,000 Hoosiers pay the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles an extra $45 every year to register a personalized license plate (PLP), known commonly as vanity plates. Connie Swaim is among those drivers: her license plate says ICLICK, a reference to the method […]

  • School districts across Indiana rapidly adding stop arm cameras to catch drivers breaking the law

    ROSSVILLE, Ind. — Six months after a tragic crash killed three young Hoosier students, school districts across the state have quickly increased efforts to add stop arm cameras to buses. Twins Mason and Xzavier Ingle, 6, and their sister Alivia Stahl, 9, died on a rural Rochester, Ind. road in October, after a driver failed to stop as they were getting on their school bus. The children’s parents have lobbied lawmakers to increase penalties for drivers who drive by a […]

  • Customers upset after laser spa abruptly shuts down, then reopens without notice

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Customers in the middle of prepaid treatments at a laser spa on the city’s north side tell CBS4 Problem Solvers that the business abruptly shut down in late February, and they were never notified when it reopened weeks later. Light RX, located on 86th Street, also permanently shut down locations in Greenwood and Plainfield. The company offers laser hair removal, non-surgical weight loss treatment and other services. Friends Stephani and Nichole, who asked CBS4 Problem Solvers not to […]

  • Lawmakers work on changes to school funding after projections show 14% drop for students in poverty

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — As lawmakers work feverishly at the Indiana Statehouse on the next budget, some school leaders are sounding alarm bells about a potential drop in funding for high-need students. Last week, new projections from the Indiana House showed an overall 14% drop in complexity funding, which goes to students in poverty. The drop caused a disparity across districts: though they all saw a small bump in general funding, those districts with higher numbers of families below the poverty […]

  • Resident pushes for speed bumps after out-of-control driver smashes 2 fences

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A woman on the near east side is pushing for speed bumps on her street after an out-of-control driver smashed through two fences last week. One side of Phyllis Tjart’s fence was left in pieces, and her neighbor’s fence was completely destroyed. Tjart captured the driver of a maroon van flying down her sidewalk last Thursday, just feet from the front door, on a security camera. “The police said that they had crashed into cars a block […]

  • As new psychiatric hospital opens on east side, Indiana refocuses efforts on mental health needs

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A state-of-the-art psychiatric hospital will soon begin treating patients on the east side of Indianapolis, in an effort to increase access to mental health services. State leaders gathered Friday to celebrate the opening of the Neuro-Diagnostic Institute and Advanced Treatment Center, or NDI, which connects to Community Health East along 16th Street. NDI, which has 159 beds, looks a lot different than the psychiatric hospitals of the past. It will include additional services related to the brain, […]

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