I’m a southerner by birth, an east coaster by way of North Carolina and now a Hoosier. A tad confusing, but life is good. I love, love to travel.

My other loves: My wife, and three kids. We have a girl who learned to read at three years old and two boys who fight for superiority. Lately anything Star Wars or Disney are their distractions of choice. We home school and my wife says I’m the principal. The truth is, she’s in charge in all ways possible.

Professionally, I’ve worked as a reporter, investigative reporter, evening anchor and anchored in the morning. I’ve worked weekends and every possible schedule. Journalism means a lot to me. I truly believe our work makes a major difference holding the powerful accountable and keeping real people informed about the real world. Jackson, MS is my hometown and where I started my career following my days at Syracuse University. My second stop in Greensboro, NC is where I was voted Best TV Anchor by viewers and Emmy-nominated several times for best newscast along with my colleagues. Aside from daddy duty and work, I enjoy sharing my faith as a minister of Jesus Christ. Feeding hungry families and providing backpacks and school supplies to children are among the most satisfying and humbling experiences of my ministry life over the years. And hundreds of children have learned to swim for free thanks to a partnership with several YMCA branches who supported my vision to protect African-American kids who are three times more likely to die in the water.

Now we’re in Indy! We’re a Hoosier home now and my family is overjoyed about joining the CBS 4 This Morning family. While it means daddy is sleepy, it also means our family is together even more.

Recent Articles
  • Join the CBS4 Reads Book Drive and help us collect 6,000 books for kids!

    Summer vacation means the beach, plenty of time in the sun and plenty of reading for a lot of us grownups. But for some reason, cracking open a book doesn’t appear on our kids’ summer wish lists. With that in mind, CBS4 Reads kicks off a massive book collection drive you can join because nothing touches a child like a book. “Any breaks where students are not practicing their reading skills, there’s going to be a little dip,” said Allyson […]

  • Charities could feel the pinch of Trump administration tax cuts

    Nothing quite gives you the same feeling as the two words “tax cut.” But the recent Trump Administration tax plan was not welcome news for America’s 1.5 million nonprofits, including 31,000 in Indiana. In the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood across from Hinkle Fieldhouse, their neighborhood has no borders. Kids learn the language of a global economy, and for 25 years, the International School of Indiana has been a one-of-a-kind place to learn. “These are language immersion programs. We have students who are […]

  • Where’s Recess? Central Indiana schools don’t give kids minimum time outside

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Step into this school and witness a controlled frenzy. There’s as much spinning, shooting and stomping as counting and times tables. P.E. Teacher Kim Ward said, “If they miss physical education or health and fitness or ABL, not happy about it.” Sweat is the norm at IPS Super School 19. “We believe that exercise makes brain cells,” said Principal John McClure. “And then the teachers, they know every 15-20 minutes to get our students up and doing […]

  • Indiana drug czar: Slow progress against state’s opioid crisis

    CBS4 This Morning Anchor Frank Mickens recently sat down with Indiana’s drug czar, the man Governor Eric Holcomb hired to pull us out of the opioid crisis. Frank asked Jim McClelland for a checkup, 10 months since he and the governor unveiled their opioid action plan. McClelland says we still have a problem with doctors and drug makers. Frank: “In May, we talked about reducing substance abuse, improving treatment. How far have we come on those two specific things?” McClelland: “The […]

  • Cut and Run: Monitoring escapes rare but constant in Marion County

    It’s rare — but it does happen. Virtually every day a convict or suspect in Marion County cuts their ankle monitor and runs. It happens often enough the county pays someone just to track down all the monitors. Andrew works for a company called “Track Group,” hired by Marion County to find all those missing monitors. He asked us not to reveal his full name in this story. “Dumpsters, on top of roofs, right now I think I’ve been finding […]

  • Indiana’s Very Own: Former Colts linebacker Gary Brackett has his own movie

    He’s a Super Bowl champion. A former captain of the Colts defense. Now Indiana’s Very Own Gary Brackett is venturing into film with a movie based on his life before, during and after football. It’s a life littered with rival burdens and victories. “I out-hustled everyone on every snap,” said Gary Brackett. A comeback story laid bare for a movie audience. Born into poverty in New Jersey, Gary Brackett was surrounded by violence. He delivered drugs for his big brother. In grade school, […]

  • 4 Questions with IndyCar CEO Mark Miles

    We’re halfway there, just six months until the Indy 500. And in this week’s 4 Questions, CBS4’s Frank Mickens has an exclusive interview with IndyCar boss Mark Miles about his plans to revolutionize the sport. FRANK: “If you had to just own up to ‘here’s what we really need to get a handle on or improve,’ what are those things?” MILES: “We want to be really high-level entertainment.” MILES: “But it’s a very competitive sports marketplace. And we’re competing against […]

  • 4 Our Veterans: Fatigues abroad, fires at home

    “Thank you for your service.” You hear that a lot. You might even say it when you see someone in uniform. But some have more than enough reasons to say “you’re welcome.” Frank: “What is it about serving?” “I’ve always wanted to give back and do something for the greater good,” said Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Van Roo. Capt. Ross McKee said, “It’s what my purpose in life is for and I love it.” Two men in uniform who know the value […]

  • 4 Our Veterans: Sworn twice to serve

    Would you die for your country? Or your neighbor? The men you’re about to meet answer yes without blinking. They’ve sworn not once, but twice to serve and protect. War abroad and service at home. They’re willing to give all. Army Reservist Captain Sanjiv Neal. Army National Guard Master Sergeant Tom Farrington. Sgt. Jason Garner – Air Force Reserve. “I think the three of us signed up for a short period of time and realized this is who we are […]

  • How water becomes a deadly draw for kids with autism

    Thousands of moms and dads have several locks on their doors because they’re worried their child will get out and never come back. It’s a phenomenon we noticed after kids went missing over and over again. Some never made it home. Some children can’t seem to stay away from water. Many of them drown. And unfortunately, not every first responder has what they need to save them. Magdalene and Charles Lawson have to come to this neighborhood pond now to […]