LIVESTREAM: Judiciary hearing sets stage for impeachment charges against President Trump

I’m a southerner by birth, an east coaster by way of North Carolina and now a Hoosier. A tad confusing, but life is good. I love, love to travel.

My other loves: My wife, and three kids. We have a girl who learned to read at three years old and two boys who fight for superiority. Lately anything Star Wars or Disney are their distractions of choice. We home school and my wife says I’m the principal. The truth is, she’s in charge in all ways possible.

Professionally, I’ve worked as a reporter, investigative reporter, evening anchor and anchored in the morning. I’ve worked weekends and every possible schedule. Journalism means a lot to me. I truly believe our work makes a major difference holding the powerful accountable and keeping real people informed about the real world. Jackson, MS is my hometown and where I started my career following my days at Syracuse University. My second stop in Greensboro, NC is where I was voted Best TV Anchor by viewers and Emmy-nominated several times for best newscast along with my colleagues. Aside from daddy duty and work, I enjoy sharing my faith as a minister of Jesus Christ. Feeding hungry families and providing backpacks and school supplies to children are among the most satisfying and humbling experiences of my ministry life over the years. And hundreds of children have learned to swim for free thanks to a partnership with several YMCA branches who supported my vision to protect African-American kids who are three times more likely to die in the water.

Now we’re in Indy! We’re a Hoosier home now and my family is overjoyed about joining the CBS 4 This Morning family. While it means daddy is sleepy, it also means our family is together even more.

Recent Articles
  • 99-year-old Indiana veteran immortalized in award-winning photo

    Editor’s note: We previously reported Vera Nuckols is 98, but she is actually 99. The script has been corrected to reflect this. It’s a story 70 years in the making. A World War II veteran who to this day is inspiring us all to serve. “I met my boyfriend after we graduated from high school,” said Vera Nuckols nostalgically. “In the meantime, he was drafted. And I thought ‘Well, I’m gonna do something.’ So, I went out to give blood,” […]

  • Hamilton County program keeps released inmates out of jail

    HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – Hamilton County opened its brand new jail earlier this year at a cost to taxpayers of $13.5 million, and you can blame that bill squarely on overcrowding. But there’s a program gaining momentum to help inmates get out and stay out. “Growing up. I never had a father in my life,” said one inmate. He didn’t mind telling his story if we didn’t show his face. “I, uh, have grown around a young age smoking marijuana, and eventually turned […]

  • Indianapolis Public Schools leads nation battling teen dating violence

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — You likely won’t believe this, but the CDC estimates more than a third of the 10th grade kids in America have experienced dating violence. Now IPS has a program viewed as a national model to help. “I saw someone push their girlfriend very hard,” Zariah Townsend reads. “I saw someone cry because they were being mistreated.” This is high school. Zariah continues reading, “And out of nowhere I heard a girl crying while her boyfriend was calling her […]

  • Kindergarten Spanish adventure in Washington Township

    Much of this you know. Kindergartners, ABC’s and 123’s. Only the Spanish variety. “Listen to Ms. Penaloza they say” in a classroom steeped in Espanol. 80% of what you hear in this room happens in Spanish. Teacher Brenda Penaloza said, “Lots of movement. Lots of you saw in the classroom where I have a picture of what we’re supposed to be doing. ‘Respetuoso’ is this. ‘Amable’ is this. So then they start making the connections.” This is dual language learning, and it […]

  • Arts teach all subjects at unique Indy school

    What if your child told you their day at school was truly fun? Some of “Indiana’s Very Own” say every day is fun. Those students attend Edison School of the Arts. Laila Adams is just 13-years-old, and she’s already tried almost everything. “So this year I’m in band and orchestra. In previous years, I’ve been in film, theater, dance. I do a lot,” Laila said. Edison School of the Arts provides plenty of chances to explore—from orchestra and band to visual arts […]

  • 4 Our Veterans: The teenage soldier who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor

    FRANKLIN, Ind.– There might be fewer than 2,000 Pearl Harbor survivors still alive, and CBS4 found one in Franklin. Dr. Phil Clinger was just a teenager when he was thrust into the most infamous and deadliest military attack on U.S. soil. To join the Army on the brink of the second world war, Clinger had to lie about his age. “I said I was 21 ’cause you had to be 21 to go in without your parents’ permission,” he said. […]

  • Experts blame screen time for skyrocketing eye problems

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Ninth-grader Mallory Hopper first noticed an issue with her eyes at school. “I was getting like headaches and I couldn’t see everything as well,” she said bluntly. A visit to her eye doctor turned up a familiar story. “We use tablets in school. We’ve used chrome books. I’m on my phone,” she said. “I’m 14 (years old) so that makes sense but…” All those screens were taking a toll on her eyes. “They’re like oh, you like have […]

  • How one of Indiana’s Very Own took down ISIS

    For retired Army General Dana Pittard, being a soldier is in the blood. “My father was in the Army,” he said. “So he was one of my first heroes. So I think I was 5 years old when I said I want to be a soldier.” At just 10 years old, Pittard told his parents he wanted to attend West Point. “They could’ve laughed. At that time there were really a handful of African-American graduates of West Point. But they […]

  • Indianapolis fourth grader writes anti-bullying books

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — We’re encouraging students to read this summer as we kick off our second-annual CBS4 Reads Book Drive. So there’s no better time to share this story about a young lady who’s not only reading but also writing books. Reading from a book she penned herself, 9-year-old Simia Cox said, “You can hurt people’s feelings by calling them names or teasing them.” Cox is beating bullies with her brains. “Usually when I walk in the school, I always see […]

  • ‘Dixie the Praying Dog’ is local veterans’ best friend

    PLAINFIELD, Ind. – It’s National Military Appreciation Month where the nation salutes our nation’s warriors. You could argue no man or woman says “Thank you” better than Dixie the dog. A dog’s love is genuine, overflowing, and in this case, powered by patriotism. “I always had a place in my heart for veterans, kids you know, however I could figure out a way to help them,” said Brian Calvert. Calvert and his coonhound Dixie make the rounds at an honor flight homecoming […]

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