Eric Levy

Eric Levy now considers central Indiana his home, because that’s how much he loves it in the Circle City.

Eric joined Indiana’s FOX in July of 2013, after spending two years at WTKR TV in Norfolk, Va. While there, he covered a boat load of naval stories. One of the most fascinating stories of his time in Virginia was being able to step on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Eric also covered a lot of transportation stories, and was there for the effects of Super Storm Sandy as it passed by Virginia Beach.

Before Virginia, Eric pulled double duty in Fort Myers, Fla. He was both a morning news anchor for the local radio station and a freelance reporter for WINK TV. Sometimes, he’d do both jobs in one day, but he was dedicated enough.

Eric also spent time as a radio news anchor and reporter in Houston, Iowa and Connecticut, where he was born and raised.

Eric likes a variety of things when he’s not working, but most of his time is spent exploring Central Indiana and finding stories that matter to you.

If there’s a story you want told, let him know.

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