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  • Louisiana student offered more than $3.7 million in college scholarships

    (CNN) — Antoinette Love has a difficult decision ahead of her. The high school senior in New Orleans has been accepted into 115 colleges and received more than $3.7 million in scholarship money. Love says she lost count of how many schools she ended up applying to. “I just kept applying,” Love told CNN. “I wanted to see how many I could get into.” But she didn’t expect to receive good news from so many colleges. “At first I didn’t […]

  • Authorities give heartbreaking look into life of 5-year-old found dead in shallow grave

    CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. – In his five short years, Andrew “AJ” Freund endured more trauma than any child should. A home that reeked of feces and urine. Frequent visits from police officers and child welfare workers. A family life so unstable that he bounced from one caretaker to another. Now the boy is dead, found wrapped in plastic in a shallow grave. His parents are charged with murder and are accused of striking AJ. A pathologist found he died from head trauma caused […]

  • State senator who said nurses ‘play cards’ at work receives about 1,700 decks of cards

    About 1,700 decks of cards have been delivered to the office of a Washington state senator who said nurses “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day,” the senator said in a statement Wednesday. Republican state Sen. Maureen Walsh apologized Monday after facing a backlash for comments she made debating House Bill 1155, which would provide uninterrupted meal and rest breaks and mandatory overtime for nurses and certain health care employees. Walsh said last Tuesday on the senate floor, “By putting these types […]

  • Texas lethally injects John William King in horrific 1998 dragging death of James Byrd Jr.

    A man who helped carry out the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. — one of the most horrific hate crimes in modern American history — was executed by injection on Wednesday evening in a Texas prison. John William King, 44, was one of three men convicted for the murder. He is the second person to die for the crime that made news around the world and helped inspire Congress to pass federal hate crime legislation. King was put to death […]

  • Judge rules South Bend’s tape case involving Buttigieg can continue

    SOUTH BEND, Ind.– A judge in Indiana ruled Monday that the so-called South Bend tapes case — which has received newfound scrutiny amid Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential run — can continue to trial, ensuring that the issue will drag on at the same time that the Indiana Democrat runs for president. The highly contested and litigated controversy hinges on the contents of five tapes of recorded phone conversations inside the South Bend police department and allegations that the tapes contain […]

  • Insurer sent addict a check for $33K; he died after using the cash to go on the biggest binge of his life

    Jennifer Alba sifts through the boxes of photographs and documents. It’s a collection of what once was, and what her life has become. A mother sorting through pain. There’s her son, Joseph, as an infant, smiling, dressed in a onesie with his bright blue eyes matching the blue backdrop. He was her firstborn, a gift who came into her life when she was just 17. Not too far away lies the document from a middle school recommending that he be […]

  • Joe Biden to announce his 2020 presidential bid on Thursday

    WASHINGTON– Joe Biden will announce his presidential bid on Thursday with an online video, sources familiar with the plans confirm to CNN, finally answering one of the lingering questions hanging over the 2020 Democratic race. The former vice president’s team has been laying the campaign groundwork for months, with Biden’s decision growing less secretive or suspenseful by the day. But now that he has given the green light to his advisers, Biden is facing one of the biggest challenges of […]

  • BBQ food truck in Kentucky faces backlash for ‘LGBTQ’ T-shirts

    GRANT COUNTY, Ky. (CNN) — A Kentucky food truck is selling a T-shirt that says “I support LGBTQ — liberty, guns, Bible, Trump, BBQ.” Jamie Smith, owner of Belle’s Smokin’ BBQ, drew criticism after he posted a photo of the T-shirt on social media. LGBTQ commonly stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning. The post quickly went viral and generated outrage. “Wearing that shirt is f—— offensive,” Williamstown, Kentucky resident Ariel Lewis told CNN affiliate WXIX. “But here’s […]

  • Gorillas perfect their selfie style in photo with park ranger

    Two gorillas have been snapped apparently mimicking human behavior, in a remarkable selfie with a park ranger who helped rescue them as babies. The photo, taken by a worker at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, swiftly went viral after being shared on Facebook. “Another day at the office…” Mathieu Shamavu wrote alongside the image, which has been shared more than 20,000 times. Female gorillas Ndakazi and Ndeze appear to be naturals in front of the camera; […]

  • When to look up for the Lyrid meteor shower

    The annual Lyrid meteor shower will peak on Tuesday morning. There hasn’t been a meteor shower to light up the sky since early January, and this one will be visible around the globe. The moon was full Friday, so it was still quite bright in the early morning hours over the weekend and will also be during the peak. Late evening hours based on your location, between 9 p.m. and midnight local time, may be the best time to see […]

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