Charlene Cristobal spent four years at WCTV in Tallahassee, Florida, before joining the FOX59/CBS4 team in 2018 as a reporter for our morning news shows.

She is a graduate of Florida State University and a proud dog mom, as well as a member of the Asian American Journalist Association.

Recent Articles
  • Indianapolis teacher changes students’ lives by taking them to camp at no cost

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – “If you give a child the opportunity, it presents them with endless possibilities.” That’s the motto of the camp experience started by 4th grade IPS teacher Julie Beaty. She started the camp back in 2005 as a chance to get her inner-city 4th graders out of the classroom and into a different environment. “Many times, there’s so much negativity,” said Beaty. “Many times, our kids are just surviving and just trying to just to get to school today or […]

  • Tiny home helps Zionsville father, daughter rebuild relationship

    ZIONSVILLE, Ind. – Could you live in a tiny home? It’s a growing trend where people move from a bigger home and live in a space between 100 and 400 square feet. A father and daughter in Zionsville took on the challenge. Now, their hard work will be featured on the popular show Tiny House Nation. But the home wasn’t just about downsizing for Stephanie and Jim Barber—it was about repairing the relationship between them. “I went tiny because I wanted the […]

  • Internationally-known Irish dance academy sends local dancers to world championship

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Irish dancing has been around for centuries. When most people think about it, they probably think of Lord of the Dance or Riverdance. But the traditional form of dancing is much more than that. And you can find a rich history of Irish dancing in Indianapolis at the Richens/Timm Academy of Irish dance. “John Timm…was a 1993 Senior Men’s World Champion,” said Liz Jones. She’s a TCRG instructor at Richens/Timm.  “At the time, he was one of only three […]

  • Plainfield brewery ‘cereal-ous’ about their beer

    PLAINFIELD, Ind. – You may have heard about a Virginia brewery coming out with a Lucky Charms-flavored beer. The news went viral on social media, but some Hoosiers were scratching their heads. That’s because a brewery in Plainfield released a beer with the cereal in it three years ago. It sold out then, but it’s making its return this St. Patrick’s Day. Brew Link Brewing Company has put matcha in beer, even chocolate and peanut butter, so cereal didn’t seem like that […]

  • Local woman gives children at Riley hope with The Mooky Project

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – When children go to the hospital for surgery or an operation, many times they don’t know what to expect. It can be a scary experience. But one local woman has come up with a way to make hospital visits just a little easier with a stuffed animal she calls “Mooky.” The Mooky Project aims to give sock monkeys to all the kids at Riley Hospital for Children. Mooky is their friend and partner through thick and thin. It’s meant to […]

  • Indiana lawmakers say yellow sticker could be difference between life and death during emergency

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – When the unexpected happens, like a car accident, seconds could be the difference between life and death for you or your loved one. Lawmakers are looking at a program involving a simple yellow sticker. The hope is that could help get someone medical attention faster in case of an emergency, especially seniors or those with medical conditions. It’s called the Yellow Dot Emergency Program. It has already been implemented in several states including New York, Illinois and […]

  • Hoosiers come together to help single mom battling stage 4 cancer

    GREENWOOD, Ind. – A single mother has dedicated her life to taking care of her patients and making sure her two sons are taken care of. But now, she’s asking for her community to come together to help her. A fundraiser will help Krista Furby raise money for her expensive treatments after she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Furby was first diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2016. She had a double mastectomy and doctors told her she […]

  • Camp Little Red Door continues to be home away from home for kids battling cancer

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s almost time to start thinking about camp for the kids. But there’s a unique one in central Indiana that’s giving brave children a special week to escape. It’s called Camp Little Red Door. It’s a place where kids who are battling cancer or are in remission can just go and be kids—no questions, no strange looks from others. They say it’s their safe place and their home away from home. When you see the kids’ smiling […]

  • IU hosts webinars to better inform public during first-ever HPV Awareness Week

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind – January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month, and health organization across the country are using it as a chance to raise awareness for HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. January 22 marks the start of the first-ever HPV week in the United States. The virus affects more than 14 million people in the U.S. every year. The virus can cause different types of cancer, including  cervical cancer and head and neck cancers in men. These cancers could be prevented with a vaccine. However, […]

  • Police urge drivers to pay attention in school zones, issue more than 80 tickets in just 2 days

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IMPD is urging drivers to pay attention to the road, especially in school zones. Project Blitz is something they usually do at the beginning of the school year, but this is one of the first times they’ve been called out to do it in the winter. Officers tell us, so many complaints have been coming in from bus drivers and schools about drivers not paying attention, they had to take action. Project Blitz will not only monitor […]

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