Wow, what a great feeling to be back in the Midwest! It’s been a while since I’ve been “home” and boy, do I feel welcome!
I grew up in Akron, Ohio and went to college at Ohio University. Then, after graduating early, I moved across the country to work as a multimedia journalist, video editor and weather anchor in Eugene, Oregon. I switched from full-time rain to full-time sun in 2012 when I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, I worked as a news and weather anchor, reporter, producer; a little bit of everything which meant a crazy schedule and sometimes very little sleep, but I love being a “Jane” of all trades!
I have a lot of memorable stories throughout my time as a journalist, but the ones that really stick with me are the ones that made a difference. While in New Mexico, I exclusively broke a backlog in which police departments statewide weren’t able to process sexual assault evidence kits because of a lack of resources. It sparked the state to make some changes and the Albuquerque metro to pass ordinances to better serve victims. During my time at KOAT-TV, I won the New Mexico Broadcaster Association’s “reporter of the year” award and was named “best of the city” reporter four years in a row.
I hope I can make as big of an impact in Indianapolis. I will be up and four cups of coffee deep before you open your eyes every morning, tracking the latest breaking news and weather for you. My hope is that together, we can get you caught up and informed before you step out the door. Life is chaotic, your time is precious, I get it! I promise I will make it quick and easy for you know what’s happening in the world.
When I’m not in the newsroom, I’m with my family and 7 (yes, 7) dogs exploring the Hoosier state! I am excited to see what this awesome state has to offer. If you have any suggestions of where to go or where to eat, stop me on the street or give me a shout on social media @AngelaBrauerTV. I’d love to hear from you!

Recent Articles
  • CBS4 Problem Solvers: AT&T buries cable after four-month delay

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A woman called the CBS4 Problem Solvers upset that AT&T had left a fiber-optic cable lying across her yard. Martha Walker started having technical issues with her receiver in May. A technician responded to her south side home and fixed the problem. While he was there, the technician reportedly told Walker that her system was slow and that she needed to upgrade her connection. He installed a fiber-optic line that ran from the pole to her house. […]

  • Man calls CBS4 Problem Solvers for help with mess from utility company

    INDIANAPOLIS Ind. – A man living along East 68th Street called the CBS4 Problem Solvers, upset that a utility company left behind a mess. James Watson said back in May, lightning hit a nearby utility pole. “Sparks everywhere,” Watson remember. “It hit the transformer box or something.” Watson said shortly after the storm ended, a utility company responded and replaced the pole. He couldn’t remember who it was, but said they left behind quite the mess. “There is debris back […]

  • Rain showers, storms possible around central Indiana Tuesday

    It’s going to be a sticky start to our Tuesday. Kids headed to the bus stop will want a t-shirt and shorts. Have them grab an umbrella as well! Rain is already popping up on Live Guardian Radar. This line of storms has quite a bit of lightning associated with it. It has caused damage, too, across parts of Illinois. Most of that rain will hit northwest Indiana first. Central Indiana will have a chance for showers midday and an […]

  • Greenwood residents frustrated over feral cats that have taken over neighborhood

    GREENWOOD, Ind. – Some homeowners in Greenwood Estates are frustrated after dozens of feral cats took over their neighborhood. “Right here you can see,” one woman said. “This is all from them peeing on my porch. I’ve had to scrub it.” The woman – who didn’t want to be identified fearing her neighbors would retaliate – told CBS4 News the cats have damaged her home. “These are for their scratch posts,” she said pointing to her porch railings. “This is […]

  • Older Hoosiers help children, earn money through Foster Grandparent Program

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The federal government is funding what it calls the Foster Grandparent Program in Indiana. The program offers people 55 and older the opportunity to serve as mentors and tutors for children with special needs or who are considered to be at risk. These “Foster Grandparents” provide at least 15 hours of weekly service to non-profit organizations such as schools, hospitals, day cars and homeless centers. The volunteers visit their assigned location several times a week, serving as an extra […]

  • CBS4 Problem Solvers: Residents complain of illegal dumping in alley

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The county’s Health and Hospital Corporation is looking into an illegal dumping issue on Indy’s south side after several emails from CBS4. Lee Epperson rents a house along East LaGrande Avenue. Behind his property, there is an alley. “We try to have some pride in our property but then you have somebody that doesn’t care about anybody and you’re faced with this,” Epperson said, pointing to a big pile of trash. Epperson and his neighbors, many of which did not […]

  • CBS4 Problem Solvers: Man says private snow plow contractor caused road and property damage

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The city is working to address poor road conditions along Champions Drive after several calls from the CBS4 Problem Solvers. Homeowners living in the Champion Village subdivision called for help after a private contractor Greentouch Services reportedly removed snow from their neighborhood in January. “They started at the clubhouse down here and they went down both sides of the street,” Rick Roberts pointed out. Roberts said when the pickup trucks dropped their plows, the plows tore up a bunch […]

  • Indiana’s jail population increasing more than any other state, research group finds

    HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. —  A non-profit research group looking into jail incarceration rates found that Indiana is among the worst states in the country when it comes to jail overcrowding. The Vera Institute works with justice systems, stakeholders, communities and policy makers to “reimagine and improve justice systems.” Jack Norton and Jasmine Heiss took it upon themselves within the last couple of years to visit small and rural counties across the country. They were investigating incarceration trends and who was […]

  • Vets plead for canine, feline blood donations in the midst of nationwide shortage

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Veterinarians are pleading for people’s help, saying there is a nationwide and local shortage when it comes to canine and feline blood donation. IndyVet Emergency and Specialty Hospital is one of a few locations statewide that collects blood donations. “For humans, we have things like the Red Cross where people can go and donate blood,” Dr. Kelly Robertson, DVM, said. “For animals, we don’t have any sort of national organization like that,” Robertson said. IndyVet has a couple of regulars that […]

  • Marion County sheriff tells violent sex offenders to ‘comply’ with the law or ‘leave town’

    MARION COUNTY, Ind. – There is a new sign inside the jail. Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal said when he was campaigning for his position in 2018, he found out that 40 percent of violent sex offenders were sentenced elsewhere and then moved to the metro area. “I don’t know what gets them to think Marion County is the best place,” he said. “We like Hoosier hospitality, but not necessarily serious sexual violent predators.” Forestal said that led him to investigate why sex […]

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