Tips to keep home safe during expected rain

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — It’s not snow or ice, but rather rain we’re talking about this first week in January.

“We’re used to looking at ice dams, were used to looking at freezing gutters falling off peoples homes,” Rick Michaelis of the Indianapolis-based home restoration company Michaelis Corporation said. “I guess that’s Indiana weather!”

Michaelis and his family’s company usually deal with water problems in the spring, but they’re ready for the storm, and say you should be too.

Just like leaves and debris clog up street drains, your gutters face the same problem. Make sure they’re cleared out, so the water will be too.

“You also want to make sure your downspouts are pushing all that water away from the house,” Michaelis said. “So we recommend an extension to the end of the downspout to make sure that water can’t back up into the basement.”

Michaelis says these extensions cost less than $5 at a hardware store. It’s a steal compared to the cost of a flooded basement.

“A finished home that has a nice bar, a bathroom and a bedroom down there, you could be $30,000 in the hole if you don’t have the right coverage and if you’re not prepared to get that water away from your house,” Michaelis said.

For those with sump pumps, Michaelis says they need to be checked bi-annually, and most only have a 10-year lifespan. In case the power goes out, you also want to have a backup power source.

Follow these steps so when the rain comes, your home and your bank account will stay above water.

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