Police recover Christmas gifts stolen from Yorktown storage facility

Data pix.

YORKTOWN, Ind. — Thieves targeted a storage unit and stole expensive Christmas gifts for kids.

“Our chief always has a saying there’s not a lot of crime in Yorktown, so when something does happen, we take it personal,” said Blake Barnard, a detective with the Yorktown Police Department.

Over the weekend, someone broke into two storage units and took off with two four-wheelers. Yorktown police say two suspects showed up to Yorktown Storage around midnight and then returned hours later. Detectives recovered surveillance footage of the thieves’ truck.

“I don’t like people on my property that aren’t supposed to be here,” said Ryan Ballard, owner of Yorktown Storage.

The thieves allegedly cut the locks on the two units, and within 10 minutes, a couple of four-wheelers were gone.  The pair of four-wheelers are worth $2,500, and they were special to one family.

“The victim made it known that they were Christmas gifts for her kids, so it was important for us to get them back,” said Barnard.

It didn’t take long for detectives to get to work.  One suspect is in custody and both four-wheelers have been recovered. Detective Barnard is certain the suspects were out for quick cash.

“In talking with one of them, they were just going to sell them to make a dollar,” said Barnard.

Police credit the surveillance footage and tips from the public in helping make a family’s Christmas a little brighter.

“Especially this time of year and that they were for that family, it’s a good job all around,” said Barnard.

Yorktown police are following up on promising leads and still working to track down the other theft suspect.

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