Former PGA pro has golf carts stolen from his Martinsville golf course

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — Thieves hit a Martinsville golf course stealing four golf carts from a former PGA pro.

Sam Carmichael entered the PGA in the 1960s and played in every major tournament except the British Open. After playing, he coached the Indiana University Men and Women’s golf teams to several Big Ten Championships.

He grew up in a home on the Martinsville Golf Course, and his family later purchased the course.

“My mother and my father ran the golf course, we lived upstairs,” Carmichael says.

He says thieves showed up early Friday morning about 2-3 am and made off with the four golf carts. Carmichael and police followed the tracks to Country Club Road where Carmichael believes the carts were loaded on a trailer and stolen.

“I hope the people are caught that did it,” Carmichael says, “I think that would make me happier than the carts turning up. Yamaha people at the dealership told me a lot of these go to campgrounds.”

Carmichael says the cart keys were locked up, as was their front gate. Each cart is from 2013, and he says they cost about $4,000.

“It’s pretty costly,” says Carmichael on replacing the carts, ““In my days in the 60’s you didn’t make a million dollars like you do today.”

If you think you may know what happened to the carts, please contact Martinsville Police. The serial numbers for the carts are JC2 003394, JC2 003390, JC2 003397 and JC 003255.


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