City’s rezoning decision allows NC business to fly its massive U.S. flag

Image from Camping World/Facebook

STATESVILLE, N.C. — A large U.S. flag that stoked controversy in North Carolina can stay.

The Statesville City Council voted Monday to rezone the property where Gander RV sits, reports WJZY. The move means the business can continue to fly its massive 40-by-80 foot flag.

Back in May, a dispute over the flag prompted a lawsuit. The city filed an injunction to fine the business and its parent company, Camping World, for flying the flag, which the city said violated an ordinance.

The company said the large flag is meant to pay tribute to military veterans. The two sides worked out a compromise last year allowing Gander RV to fly a large flag. However, the regulations didn’t allow for as big of a flag as the company wanted.

In October 2018, Gander RV raised the current flag, putting in violation of the city ordinance. The city fined the company $50 for each day that the flag continued to fly. Camping World’s CEO refused to take it down.

Monday night’s decision from the city council rezoned the area where Gander RV sits, which puts it compliance with the ordinance.

The company’s victory still comes with a cost, however. It must pay $14,000 in accrued fines for violating the original ordinance plus $2,000 in legal costs.

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