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Fans not buying Pacer’s Oladipo denial of being on ‘The Masked Singer’

Indiana Pacers Star Victor Oladipo denies being a contestant on “The Masked Singer.”

On Friday the All-Star addressed the rumors during the team’s media day.

“That’s not me, I don’t know what that is. I mean, look at me why would I hide my face anyways look how cute I look” he said.

Despite his denial, internet detectives are convinced Oladipo is the “Thingamajig” on the show. The character whose hints to identity include “keep up the pace”, a cupcake with the number 4, and is self-descried as “feathery,” which is a favorite word of Oladipo.

“Of course, he’s going to say it’s not him because he has to, but, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is,” Jake Weinzapfle said.

Oladipo is known for his singing talent and has even recorded his own album. Some of Oladipo’s teammates even acknowledged it was possible he was on the show.

“I mean I know he can sing. He’s got an album out, so he’s pretty good,” Aaron Holiday said.

Others had fun with the prospect of Vic being on the show.

“That’s me. That’s not him, that’s me…I’m not sure, I’m not really sure, it could be me,” Goga Bitadze said.

Whatever its identity, the “Thingamajig” won its round and advanced to the next show. “The Masked Singer” airs Wednesday nights on FOX59.

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