Victim of downtown Indy shooting speaks out as police continue to search for gunman

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IMPD detectives continue searching for a gunman responsible for a shooting that wounded six people in downtown last weekend.

Today for the first time one of those victims is speaking up. At the same time, community leaders are working to make sure the violence doesn’t repeat itself.

On Saturday night, a fight between two groups of teens resulted in bullets flying near Maryland and Illinois in the heart of downtown.  That shooting injuring a half dozen people, including one woman who was working inside on the second floor of an adjacent building.

“I was doing cleanup at the end of the party I was working at and that’s when the first bullet came across my head,” said that victim.

That 61-year-old woman asked not to be identified, but says a second bullet hit her in the backside and her first reaction was simple confusion.

“I was in shock for a few minutes anyway. I was like what just happened? What’s going on, you know?” said the victim.

Police say three of the victims were young men, ages 14, 15 and 16. Police reports show one of the teens was involved in a shooting at same location back in early May that wounded four people.

For their part detectives are still looking for the person of interest captured in a picture walking away from the scene.

With the annual Circle City Classic parade and football game expected to bring big crowds to downtown this weekend, organizers asked the Ten Point Coalition to patrol downtown to help keep it safe.

“Certainly we want people to have a great time, but please don’t send your children and teenagers downtown unsupervised,” said reverend Charles Harrison.

Reverend Harrison's group will be on hand helping everyone enjoy the weekend festivities, but he says parents need to do their part to avoid any more senseless violence.

“It is not the responsibility of law enforcement and community groups to babysit your children,” said Harrison.

The victim we spoke to hopes the city learns from last weekend and stays safe. She admits she feels lucky to still be alive.

“I know God’s hand was upon me and it could’ve been a whole lot worse than what it was for sure,” said the victim. “Sometimes you think you’re invincible and life is going to go on and it dead stops.”

Anyone with information of the man in this picture is still asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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