Rainy start Monday will give way to cooler temperatures

Data pix.

Heavy downpours moved through overnight.  Some of the downpours were blinding on the roads and we have had multiple accidents already this morning.  The most widespread and heaviest of the rain is already over but scattered showers are possible throughout the morning.  We'll be completely done with the rain by noon, but most of us will actually not see any more rain after 9 a.m.

Sunday was hot for the season (and we have been above average pretty much all month), but today we'll get a ten-degree drop!  Back to seasonable right in time for the first day of fall, actually.  The average high this time of year is 75 and we'll climb to about 77 for the first day of the work week.

All of this weather is because of a cold front sliding through right now that's pushing the rain through and will drag in behind it much cooler and, more noticeably, drier air.  High pressure then settles in for a sunny afternoon, clear night, and another sunny forecast for Tuesday.

The dew point tells us how much moisture is in the air.  When it's above 60, it feels muggy outside.  Much lower dew points are behind the cold front that's sliding through, so we'll feel the difference right away this afternoon.  The drier air will make it feel much cooler than it has been!

Really, we just have to get through the rain this morning because the rest of the day looks great!  Much cooler but in the most comfortable way.  Highs will hit 77 degrees today.  Increasingly sunny after lunch.

Much cooler tonight!  Actually, it will be the coolest night we've had since June!  You'll need a sweater Tuesday morning before we heat back up to the 70s by the afternoon.  Really nice forecast.

The first weekend of fall looks much more summer-like; 80s return by the end of the week.

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