Healthies brings health-conscious smoothies and tea to central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Hoosier native Garrett Dewald started his career in the health and fitness industry about five years ago through helping family and friends lose weight and get fit.

Then, after seeing the success his sister had in opening a health-conscious smoothie and tea business—fittingly called Healthies—in South Bend, he decided he needed to bring it to Indianapolis as well.

“We decided to jump in and do it,” said Dewald. “My fiancé, Abby [Amaro], and I just really wanted to serve the community, give them something that’s healthy.”

Photo credit: Healthies Indy Facebook page

Located at 11915 Pendleton Pike in Lawrence, Healthies has already experienced its own success since opening in June thanks to their mission to provide meal replacement smoothies and teas for those looking to get healthier one sip at a time.

But don’t assume this place is just for health nuts.

“It’s not just the people that are into fitness. Really my biggest focus is people that aren’t yet on their health journey,” Dewald said.

“I’m wanting the people that maybe want something healthy but they’re afraid it won’t taste the best or they’re not into that ‘type’ of stuff,” he said. “What we do—our whole niche— is we have very healthy things that taste like dessert. They’re delicious, and it’s a nice kind of segue for people to get into that healthy lifestyle. “

The best part?

Healthies advertises that every drink is under 300 calories.

“It’s actually closer to 250…the majority of them. The only thing that might vary from that is whether they want to add extra fruits or toppings,” he noted.

“Basically what makes them kind of unique is we use a meal replacement protein powder with some water and ice and then we add the fruits and other things that we might have for the specific flavors,” Dewald explained. “By doing that rather than by doing yogurt and tons of fruit, that’s what keeps those calories low.”

When it comes to smoothies, the most popular flavors include blueberry muffin, cookie dough, white chocolate Twix and peanut butter pie. They even offer vegan and dairy free options.

Blueberry muffin smoothie (Photo credit: Healthies Indy Facebook page)

Among Dewald’s personal favorites is the top-selling Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch smoothie (Photo credit: Healthies Indy Facebook page)

“I would describe it as the milk from the bowl at the end—the good stuff—but in the form of a shake that tastes like ice cream but it’s not,” he said.

Once you choose your favorite flavor, you can also opt for additional add-ins based on your own personal needs or health goals.

“We offer probiotics, Aloe Vera for digestion, collagen for hair, skin, and nails… energy supplements too—the B vitamins and Biotin and things like that,” said Dewald. “We also have a hunger curber and things to help reduce that stubborn belly fat.”

Four Things You Need to Know About Healthies:

  • Garrett Dewald was already involved in the health and fitness industry for several years before deciding to open Healthies alongside his co-owner and fiancé, Abby Amaro. Dewald saw the success his sister had in opening Healthies in South Bend and he decided Indianapolis needed one too.
  • Healthies features smoothies and teas geared for people who are looking for healthy meal replacements and energy without the extra sugars and calories. Most of their smoothies have just 250 calories or less!
  • Although the name Healthies really describes their mission in a nutshell, Dewald wants to stress the fact that this place is not just for health nuts and gym rats. His clientele is diverse and their biggest focus is on people who are just starting out on their health journey.
  • One question people often ask is “do these meal replacement smoothies really fill you up?” Dewald says yes, they do. “The meal replacement powder that we use has got 21 vitamins and minerals, 5 grams of fiber, 12-15 grams of carbs, it’s got some fats in there, lots of protein ,” he explained. “It’s very nutritionally dense and it definitely will curb your hunger...You will not be wanting to eat anything afterwards.”

The menu changes seasonally, so right now you’ll also find your favorite fall flavors.

“We have a chai tea, we have a pumpkin spice smoothie selection… coffee flavors and stuff like that,” Dewald said. “When [we] get into the winter, we have things like peppermint bark and different Christmas flavors.”

On the menu, you’ll see various add-in options as well as a list of combos which pair their smoothies and teas.

Photo credit: Healthies Indy Facebook page

“The reason we do the two things together—the shake with the tea—is because the tea is going to give you that energy and boost your metabolism and the shake is going to give you those nutrients and make you full, make you satisfied and curb your hunger,” he said.

For an extra boost, you can opt for what they call a “tea bomb.” It not only looks very cool and two-toned in color, but also includes an extra add-in that they say incorporates ginseng to increase brain function as well as an extra energy boost.

Flirtini Tea Bomb (Photo credit: Healthies Indy Facebook page)

Most customers grab their drinks to-go, but Dewald says they specifically designed the interior to be inviting for those who wanted to stay a while.

“The whole reason why we set this place up the way we did is we wanted it to be like our own home… We want people to be comfortable, like they are at their own home and basically to create a community,” he said.

Dewald said it was important for Healthies to differentiate itself from other fast-food style smoothie businesses, where customers simply grab and go and feel “disconnected” from the service and employees.

At Healthies, you walk in to a bright and welcoming space, with positive affirmations and decor on the wall to match the positive vibe employees greet each customer with. It's not uncommon to see them carrying on conversations with their customers much like old friends. That, Dewald says, is an important part of the experience they wanted to create for everyone who walks in the door.

Photo credit: Yelp Indy via Niki B

“We want to know you by name, get to know you, how’s your day going, have you hang out and feel welcome to where it’s a healthy thing for your body but we want this place to be healthy for your mind as well and a healthy environment,” he said.

For more information about Healthies, check out their website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them via Facebook and Instagram.

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