Puppy dumped in alley underweight and neglected; common occurrence in the Circle City

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s a crime animal organizations see all the time around Indianapolis: people dumping their animal and leaving them for dead.

Sometimes these pets can be rescued but other times they aren’t so lucky.

Two weeks ago, Diane Speer found a 6-month-old puppy in a small crate dumped in the alley behind her home.

The pup was underweight and neglected.

"Those people did a horrible thing; leaving a puppy in the sun in a small crate that could not stand up," Speer said.

The dog was dumped on the near east side of Indianapolis; an area where the group Friends of Indianapolis Dogs find a lot of abandoned animals.

"People in lower income, higher crime neighborhoods where other issues occurring," FIDO's Executive Director Darcie Kurtz said.

Kurtz says education is key to fighting this criminal act in the Circle City.

"We let people know there are basic expectations with providing care for pets and let them know there is assistance available," Kurtz said.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services can't track the number of pets dumped, but they've taken in nearly 5,000 strays just this year.

Luckily for this pup, Diane found her -- but sometimes it doesn’t turn out this way.

"We know there are cases where people do the same abandonment in the woods and then they find the animal deceased later," Kurtz said.

Today the puppy is healthy and full of life.

She has a name now too: Ally. The name is fitting considering where she was found.

She’s also named after Lady Gaga’s character in the movie “A Star Is Born”.

"I knew it would be the same kind of story. She would come out being beautiful," Speer said.

Diane is fostering her, but she’s hopeful Ally will be able to “love again” with a new family.

Tails and Trails Rescue has helped Diane with Ally. They will be putting her up for adoption in the coming days.

Ally does need some medical care if she is adopted. If you want to learn more about Ally and other animals like her reach out to the shelter here.

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