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Scammers get away with hundreds of dollars by pretending to be Howard County Sheriff’s captain

HOWARD COUNTY, Ind. — Officials are warning residents about an ongoing phone scam. In the past couple weeks, authorities with the Howard County Sheriff’s Office have received several reports, and some victims have lost hundreds of dollars.

“They for sure know what they’re doing,” Captain Jordan Buckley of the Howard County Sheriff’s Office said.

Either the scammer tells the victim they’re collecting donations for a charity, or the caller tells the victim there’s a warrant out for their arrest. The scammer then requests money through gift cards or money cards.

The caller claims his name is Captain Jordan Buckley.

“Of course, it is more personal because it is my name,” Buckley said.

At first, officials thought these scammers were targeting just Howard County.  Then there were reports in Plainfield and even as far as Fort Wayne.

“We had someone drive all the way from Fort Wayne on a Saturday to meet with me, and of course, that conversation never took place, and I wasn’t there to meet with them,” Buckley said.

This isn’t the first-time scammers have pretended to be Buckley.

“Sadly, 3 years ago when Carl Koontz tragically lost his life, they were at the top of their games then, too. They were using the names. They were using the heartstrings of people and exploiting the values of Hoosiers and how they come behind a cause,” Buckley said.

Buckley is reminding everyone to be careful.  These scammers will say whatever it takes, whether it’s lies about their name or about the law.

“No member of the Howard County Sheriff’s Office or any law enforcement agency that I know of will call you on the phone and request money in lieu of an arrest. We’re going to show up at your door with a piece of paper and take you to jail, and there’s no getting out of it,” Buckley said.

If you get a phone call like this, make sure you call your local law enforcement agency and report it.

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