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Bloomington pizzeria forced to close Labor Day after car crashes into restaurant

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A pizzeria that’s known as a staple in the Bloomington community spent the Labor Day weekend a bit differently than expected.

Normally, Trailhead Pizzeria would be packed for the holiday. Instead, the business had to close due to a car slamming into the front windows and driving right through the dining room.

“There he was, a car all the way through to the counter,” said the owner Mark Bell. “I got a call from police saying there’s a car in your restaurant. I’m trying to figure that out.”

Picture provided by Owner, Mark Bell

The driver had a seizure behind the wheel. Thankfully, he will be okay and walked away with minor injuries.

Bell says it’s unfortunate, but it can all be replaced. Bell says what hurts the most is that the pizzeria relies on the holiday weekend for most of their summer sales.

“Let me put it this way, it’s what makes it for most of the month. One weekend makes the month,” said Bell. “Without that, yeah it’s kind of like you’re a two-legged stool, not a three-legged stool.”

Bell says he’s overwhelmed by the community support and has no plans to close Trailhead Pizzeria.

“The people here in the neighborhood consider this to be their little private gem,” said Bell.

The business has several weeks, if not months of clean-up ahead of them. Trailhead Pizzeria has supported the community for years, now they’re asking for some help in return.

“It’s heartwarming,” Bell added. “You’re not ready for that really, you’re so much caught up in the moment and it kind of restores your faith that hey, you know, maybe I’ll survive this. Then you think hey, it will be better.”

Bell has another restaurant nearby Trailhead Pizzeria called Scenic View. The employees from the pizza shop are working there for now, until Trailhead reopens. He’s asking the community to go visit his other location to help support his local business.

Scenic View is located at 4600 IN-446, Bloomington, Indiana. You can reach out by calling (812) 837-9496.

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