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Caught on Camera: Thieves attempt to break-in to Camby gun store

CAMBY, Ind. – Bradis Guns, just southwest of Indianapolis, needs your help identifying four suspects who were caught on camera.

“Those guns are going to end up with gang members, felons, all sorts of people that aren’t supposed to have guns,” said Jason Lachar, the general manager of Bradis Guns.

Bradis Guns says they’re one of the larger buy-volume firearm dealers in the state of Indiana.

Lachar says in the surveillance video it shows the four suspects damaging the entrance of the building and attempting to get in. He says it also appears at least one of the suspects was armed. The video also shows a vehicle the suspects were driving, a mid-2000’s red or burgundy Dodge Caravan.

Lachar posted about the incident online, hoping to catch the group of thieves before they target another gun store. It turns out, they might already have. Since the post, other stores have contacted him with the same concerns, incidents and descriptions.

“The same vehicle description hit a shop in Clermont about a half hour before they hit us,” said Lachar.

The attempted thieves couldn’t get in at Bradis. Lachar is thankful for not only the community’s safety, but he says this could have been a major financial loss.

“They had a big satchel in their hands, so it would have been a smash and grab,” explained Lachar. “You figure anywhere for 20 to 40 guns is what they probably would have gotten, so the total damage or the total theft, it could be huge, and that’s a lot for a small business to absorb and take in.”

The images are a reminder to be on the lookout, and if you see something, say something.

“If you have a gun shop in your community, help watch out for them,” said Lachar. “Keep an eye on your community, and watch out for your neighbors.”

If you know anything about this crime please call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

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