Local wildlife sanctuary hopes to purchase more property

Data pix.

BEECH GROVE, Ind. – Wildlife sanctuary “Wizard of Paws Wildlife Education” is hoping to purchase a bigger piece of property soon.

Rev. Dr. Jasmin Wieczorek says after rescuing six foxes, three New Guinea singing dogs, a rabbit, several ferrets and a pole cat, she and her husband have outgrown their home in Beech Grove.

The wildlife rescue effort started after she rescued a fox from a fur farm in central Indiana.

“There are a lot of fur farms in Indiana,” she said.

Since then, Wiezcorek has taken on several serious abuse and neglect cases. Rocket, for example, came from a local fur farm. His collar was so tight, it was growing into his neck.

“He was emaciated and skinny,” Wiezcorek described.

Kovu Quasimodo had a broken jaw that went untreated.

“Her canine teeth were sawed off with a Dremel,” Wiezcorek said.

As the foxes ran around their enclosure, she explained why the animals can’t be let free into the wild.

“They can’t because most of these foxes were bred in captivity,” she said.

In other words, the rescues don’t know any better and wouldn't survive on their own.

“And they can’t go to normal shelters because they’ll euthanize them automatically,” she added.

Now, the Wieczoreks take some of the animals to schools and other locations to educate the public about wildlife. They would like to rescue more animals but need more room to do so. That’s why they want to buy a farm and establish a preservation program.

“I do have plans to make it public,” she said.

The farm would cost more than $250,000. Right now, Wizard of Paws Wildlife Education is doing everything it can to raise money. It accepts donations, hosts raffles and more.

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