Mother speaks after her son barely escapes burning home potentially set on fire in Indy

UPDATE (Sept. 17, 2019)-- Trevor Shaw passed away on Sept. 11. His death has been ruled a homicide.

Previous story:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An Indy man is clinging to life after escaping a burning home on Beasley Street on Indy's west side.

Somehow, 23-year-old Trevor Shaw was able to reach a gas station for help despite being severely burned. His family says 93% of his body is covered in fourth-degree burns or worse.

“Nobody can figure it out? I'm legit when I say my kid is a tank,” his mother said of his escape while also asking to remain anonymous. “The only skin he has left is basically on the soles of his feet that weren’t burnt, and a spot on his belly."

The Indianapolis Fire Department said the home was vacant, and they believe the fire was intentionally set. They were able to speak with Shaw at the scene briefly before he was taken to the hospital.

Shaw's mother said their family has surveillance video showing Shaw reluctantly entering an SUV at his north side apartment. They also claim to have video of three men busting through his door two days prior.

“We’ve got video to work with. We do have their faces," she said. “Mama is coming, and she’s pissed. He's indestructible. If you don't walk away, and know that he's dead at that time, he will get up and go."

In the past, Shaw has been arrested for dealing marijuana, but his family said he was turning his life around after the birth of his son. He's also no stranger to injury. In 2017, his family said he was shot during a carjacking incident, and in 2018 he was beaten to the point of brain damage.

“My son is not an angel, and I accept that. He still makes mistakes. Twenty-three-year-olds are not the smartest kids in the world,” his mother admitted. “I don't think anything he could have done, as a mother, is worth him being where he’s at now."

If Shaw survives, his family said he is looking at a minimum of 25 skin grafts and two to three months in the hospital. In the meantime, his family is bringing that surveillance video from his apartment complex to police.

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